5 Hacks For Removing Your Heaviest Lipstick

As a loyal, committed lipstick lover, I know the pain of trying to find a long lasting lipstick. Be prepared, though, liberal-application loving ladies, because once you've found one, the struggle of removing heavy lipstick is painfully real. Whether you've chosen a classic MAC Russian Red, a long lasting gloss, or a trusty stain, you're about to enter the territory of Indestructible Cosmetics.

Late night, lamp-lit lipstick removals can be incredibly deceptive. Ever gone to bed totally confident that you've removed every last smear, only to wake up with splotches all over your pillow, looking like somebody gave you a sucker punch in your sleep? I truly feel your pout related pain. Red lipstick may be a great tool for pearly whites, the secret ingredient to a half assed outfit when you've overslept, and even the new holy grail of under-eye concealers, but the agonizing battle of removal can dampen your face's fun.

No more, though, my fellow lipsticked lovelies. It's time to take control back from our lipsticks once and for all. When it comes to heavy lipstick removal, your standard makeup removal techniques just aren't going to cut it. So throw out the face wipes and let me introduce you to the lipstick life hacks that are ready and waiting to become your kisser-cleaning BFFs:

1. The Trusty Vaseline Hack

Vaseline, $10, Amazon

Perfect for unexpected sleepovers or weekends at your nan's house in the middle of nowhere when you realize you've forgotten makeup wipes, this cheap and cheerful hack is a lip care godsend. Simply apply a liberal layer all over your smackers, leave to absorb for five minutes, make a cup of tea, read an article, create a soothing sleep playlist, then grab a washcloth or cotton pad and gently slide (don't scrub) it off your lips. Et voila!

If you want to be extra thorough, apply a second layer of Vaseline, grab a soft baby toothbrush, and brush your lips in small, circular motions. Ta-da! One bare, baby soft, exfoliated pout!

2. Use Eye Makeup Remover

Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make Up Remover, $10, Amazon

If you don lipstick on the regular, your lip and eye makeup removal routine could have more similarities than you'd think. Both mascara and heavy lipstick seem to require tough-as-nails makeup removal products, which are kind and gentle on delicate skin. I discovered this handy hack when, having run out of my normal makeup removal products, I awoke wearing last night's lipstick, armed only with my Simple Kind To Eyes Make Up Remover and with just minutes until my bus was leaving.

Just dab a few drops of your eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad, then rub the pad in gentle circular motions over your lip, then around your lip line. Repeat as required and finish with a liberal coating of lip balm.

3. Create A Simple Lip Scrub Using Everyday Household Items

Market Pantry 32oz Dark Brown Sugar (pack of 2), $13, Amazon; Market Pantry Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $20, Amazon

For a cheap-as-chips and kind-to-lips lip scrub, mix one part brown sugar with one part warmed olive oil to form a coarse grained formula. Apply generously to your lips using a light scrubbing motion, then grab a warm washcloth and gently swipe the scrub mixture from your lips, taking the lip color with it. Finish by applying a thick coating of the leftover olive oil to condition your pout, and there you have it: A sharp heavy lipstick removal method for just pennies!

4. Start Your Lip Service Early On In The Day

Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm With Kokum Butter, $7, Amazon

If you want to streamline your evening lipstick removal routine, one of the bet shortcuts to success is keeping your lips adequately moisturized during the day, particularly if you favor a matte or long wearing formula, which can leave your lips flaky and sore after prolonged wear. Regular application of an ultra nourishing lip balm (such as Burt's Bees or Blistex) every two hours over the top of your lipstick will help the hard working formula slide off with ease come bedtime, allowing you more minutes of much needed shut eye!

5. Watch A YouTube Professional At Work

YouTuber Christina Wagner not only has great taste in drugstore red lipsticks, but lovely fast fixes for removing them, too (ideal for if you're going straight out for drinks after work and want to switch up your daytime lipstick for something more bold). To follow Wagner's method, simply take a cotton pad and wipe the excess lipstick off your lips. Next, take some Aquaphor and rub a generous amount on both bottom and top lips. Leave that on for a little while, then wipe off the excess (this should remove all of the product, but if there's some residue, simply repeat step two). Finish with a liberal coating of EOS Ball lip balm.

Aquaphor, $9, Amazon

Presto! You have a smooth, clean base, ready to paint the town (or your lips) red.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands