17 Songs That Can Help You Sleep — Really

It's the weekend! Parties! Wild Nights! Sleeping in and watching Netflix in the air conditioned comfort of my couch! Sure, many folks will spend the next two and a half days basking in the wild summer freedom of the weekend, though many of us will be using our precious days off to soak up the glory that is SLEEP. Ah yes, sleep, that comforting, regenerative magic that is as elusive during the weekdays as the will to go to the gym class after work. As much as I love sleep, I, like Amy Poehler, am pretty bad at it. I toss and turn, worry, wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and am disrupted by most sounds. To say I'm a light sleeper doesn't really do justice to my inability to hit the hay. Thankfully I do have one trusty companion to get me get to sleep: Music.

When I can't find the cold side of the pillow or the comfiest position to rest my body, I turn to my trusty sleepy-time playlist. I turn the volume low, and before I know it, I'm floating off into dreamy wonder. If you're like me and you need a little help falling asleep, but don't really go for sound machines, try this trusty (albeit, totally indie-riffic) playlist to help. Enjoy.

1. Bon Iver, "Holocene"


2. Fleet Foxes, "Oliver James"

Their stunning harmonizing will almost make you feel like a choir is singing you to sleep.

3. Beach House, "Myth"

The chillest of vibes.

4. Dr. Dog, "Heart it Races"

Not only will you feel sleepy, you'll just feel good.

5. Fleetwood Mac, "Never Going Back Again"

The singular guitar and Lindsey Buckingham's soothing voice will total relax you.

6. Beirut, "The Penalty"

It just feels like it was written to be a lullaby.

7. Tanlines, "Invisible Ways"

If you don't already love this band, go ahead and fall in love. Then fall asleep.

8. Sigur Ros, "Staralfur"

Go to another planet...of sleep.

9. Andy Williams, "Moon River"

A beautiful classic.

10. Mazzy Star, "Fade Into You"

Fade into sleep.

11. Karen O., "The Moon Song"

OK, this is an actual lullaby.

12. Jenny & Johnny, "Big Wave"

Sometimes you just need to imagine you're on a dreamy California beach to fall asleep... this will do that for you.

13. John Legend, "Save Room"

If his silky-smooth voice can't get you to sleep... I don't know what will.

14. José González, "Heartbeats"

Excuse me while I drift into his gorgeous strumming and hushed vocals...

15. Kate Havnevik, "New Day"

Totally ambient.

16. M83, "You, Appearing"

More instrumental than vocal... it just gets you there.

17. Mates of State, "You Are Free"

Hearing, "You are free," over and over again before you fall asleep really helps. Trust. It'll be your new sleep mantra.

Well, it would be if you made it to the end of this list without falling into some much-deserved REM sleep.