Two A Team Members Finally Met On 'PLL'

Well, this was truly a blast from the past. After being MIA for the past few seasons, Red Coat returned to Pretty Little Liars in "FrAmed" on Tuesday night and we finally saw the crimson caper with none another than Charles. But this wasn't in one of the series' usual end-of-episode reveals — A and Red Coat met twice during the episode and Red Coat appeared alone, watching Ella and Ashley discuss how the Liars are banned from their senior prom. So, what does this mean? And, almost more importantly, is Red Coat Charles' "ally" and the person who sent him the birthday gift during last week's "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Does anyone else feel like PLL was almost trolling us on Tuesday night with all of these Charles and Red Coat scenes? I mean, they've really never done anything like it — nor have they ever revealed whether or not Charles and Red Coat were actually working together, or if this mystery person was working against Big A. And, just like that, now we have to wonder — again — who is Red Coat? (I know, I should've been wondering this the whole time, but Red Coat's been gone for so long, can you really blame me for focusing on my Charles theories for awhile?)

Anyway — there are more than a few characters that could possibly have shrugged on that garment that haunted out PLL dreams before Charles' identity was semi-revealed. And, of course, we have a reason to suspect all of them — the first is Sara Harvey. After being a staple for most of Season 6a, Sara was conveniently missing from Tuesday's episode. Sure, her absence was explained, but there's no way in hell I'm believing that she's where she said she was. C'mon, people, we're not that naïve. Bustle editor Samantha Rullo theorized early in Season 6 that Sara might've been allowed out to do Charles' bidding as Red Coat during her time in the dollhouse. And, honestly, her absence on Tuesday should be taken as a small amount of proof that this theory could be right. There's always been something a little off about that girl — don't deny it.

But Sara isn't our only suspect — Mona, Lesli, and the ever-present theory that CeCe Drake has been Red Coat this entire time are all things we should consider here. I mean, it's been a frequently cited detail that CeCe's return in the midseason finale is listed on IMDB (though we can't really lay all of our bets on that). It's entirely possible that Ali's sometimes-twin just returned before our very eyes. And then there's Mona and Lesli, both were missing during Tuesday's episode and both have been/are involved in the A-game now. So, what does Red Coat's return mean?

Well, for starters, Charles is bringing in back-up, which means we're in for a truly insane final episodes of Season 6a. And, honestly, I'm not entirely sure I'm prepared for PLL to throw their A-reveal formula of the past five seasons out the window.

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Image: screengrab/ABC Family