Will 'Stitchers' Camille & Lucas Date? The Two Are Closer Than Ever

Look guys, I love Kirsten and Cameron as much as the rest of you Stitchers fans. In fact I've even written about how Kirsten and Cameron are perfect for each other. But after Tuesday night's episode of the ABC Family series, "Future Tense," I think I have a new favorite OTP: Camille and Linus. These two are so meant to date, it's not even funny. During last Tuesday night's episode, Linus told his parents he had a girlfriend while telling them goodbye when an airborne virus made its way into the stitchers lab. When they asked about her, he described Camille and it was a beautiful moment. But when Linus and the team survived, his parents didn't forget about his big (fake) news and invited Camille to dinner with them. And Camille and Linus' family dinner was the best forced decision the potential future couple has ever made as it brought them closer than ever.

After finally getting her to agree to go in the first place, Linus spent hours with Camille concocting and perfecting the perfect story of their meeting that would appease his parents. He even printed out the story and added footnotes for Camille to study, and he helped choose her outfit. Basically Linus was freaking out and Camille was having a wonderful time watching him squirm, which later continued at the actual dinner at first. But when it was obvious that Linus' parents were falling for Camille as much as Linus already had, things started to change. And it was wonderful.

Whether Camille wanted to admit it to herself or not, she clearly has feelings for Linus. But the dinner made her realize that there was nothing wrong with being with one person, especially if that person was Linus. While speaking to his parents under the "fake girlfriend" pretense, Camille revealed how she really felt about Linus: He's smart, funny, and the list keeps going.

When Linus' mother made her feel like part of the family, it seemed as though Camille knew where she belonged. And when Linus' mother asked if there was a future for her and Linus, she stated "never say never." Clearly things have changed for Camille when it comes to Linus. The dinner with his parents made her more open to the idea of actually being with someone and potentially being in love one day. And honestly, it's about time because these two are too cute to be apart for much longer.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family; stitcherstv/Tumblr