Jake & Will Blackmail Brooke's Dad On 'Scream'

Up until this point in the TV version of Scream, the kids have been leading the show. But now, the adults are becoming more and more involved in the twisted and dark plot of the series, like Brooke's dad, Mayor Quinn, who might have killed Brooke's mom. Brooke's dad has been acting shady since the very beginning of the series, but has become increasingly more shady recently when we learned that he was being blackmailed for a video by Jake and Will for a video that makes him look pretty bad.

On Tuesday's episode, Brooke's dad was blackmailed for $100,000 in exchange for a video to "disappear." The blackmailers, learned to be Jake and Will, met Mayor Quinn at an abandoned garage, collected only a portion of the money, and let him go, with promise to get the rest of the money ASAP. Jake and Will have been skirting around a "project" they've been working on for the past few episodes, but who would have thought their secret digging and whispering was such an incriminating video?

After Will freaks out on Jake for enjoying the blackmail too much, Jake decides to take revenge on Will by trying to pin the entire blackmail scheme on him. How does he do that? By going to Brooke's house and telling her that Tyler and Nina had a video of Brooke's dad that they were blackmailing him with. When Nina and Tyler died, Will picked up the blackmail scheme. The money was going to help him pay for Duke, since he didn't receive a scholarship.

The catch of all of this is that Brooke's dad has surveillance cameras all around the house and caught Jake telling Brooke that Will was the person behind the blackmail.

Brooke asked to see the video, which Jake was magically able to produce. Brooke questioned that for a hot second, but moved on way too quickly. The video showed Mayor Quinn coming home, calling out for Brooke to see if she was home. After no response, Mayor Quinn returns to the garage, opens his trunk, and pulls, what appears to be, a dead body from the car and drags it into the house.

So who could the body be? Brooke seems to worry that it is her mother. After learning that her mom was "checked into rehab," and not on a European vacation like she thought, Brooke began to worry about her mom's whereabouts. Brooke notices that the video was recorded and dated the day after her mom disappeared and supposedly was checked into rehab by her father, so things aren't looking good for Mayor Quinn. Then again, things aren't looking good for a lot of the Scream cast. My advice? RUN.

Images: MTV