Emma's First Time Is Now Public Information

Man, we already knew that Nina on Scream was a real piece of work, but every week we posthumously learn about her dastardly deeds. The season started off with Nina recording Audrey and her late girlfriend Rachel making out in a car before Nina shared it out to the whole school, outing both of them. Cute, right? Nina met her maker in the first episodes, but the ramifications of her mean girl ways are being felt even still. How else did Nina make her friends’ lives a living hell? She kept them under surveillance.

Emma, Noah, and Audrey went to an abandoned hospital to find Brandon James or whoever is pretending to be him these days, and instead of finding a murderer they found a dead, rotting pig; some old yearbook photos; Brandon James’ x-rays; and Nina’s laptop, which the police are still looking for (and not hard enough, I guess). When the trio notices that her desktop has a bunch of folders on it — each named for one of her friends — they are obviously intrigued but only have time enough to take the encrypted files onto an SD card before they have to bail out of the hospital. That’s how it goes, right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to steal encrypted files from a killer’s lair.

Anyway, after Audrey and Noah brought the files home and began the unencrypting process, guessing great passwords like “thunderbitch.” Though some of the files were corrupt, one came through — a video of Emma and Will having sex, which was Emma’s first time. Noah hit a button and — woops — sent it to the whole listserv, so now everyone in Lakewood is in the possession of child pornography and Emma is humiliated.

This brings up some great questions about Nina and possibly opens up the number of people who wanted her and her friends dead. Nina had files on everyone — even the sheriff — so anyone who knew about them would have sure wanted to hide any incriminating evidence. Sweet Nina wasn’t as sweet as everyone thought, eh? In reality, the killer could be a person out to get revenge on Nina, Emma, and their popular clique. A person, perhaps, that had too much to lose by letting Nina wreak havoc on the Internet? It’s truly the perfect cover, and it’s one that I can’t wait for the show to explore further (but ugh, poor Emma).

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