Emma Needs New 'Scream' Friends

On both Scream the movie and Scream the television show, I felt bad when some of the characters died. Riley and Noah were so close to being a couple and then she died. Audrey and Rachel were testing things out, and then Rachel got thrown off a balcony. But Nina, who died in the show’s premiere, a la Drew Barrymore? She deserved everything she got, Brandon James-style. We knew Nina was a mean girl, but man, oh man, did we find on how mean she was on tonight’s episode.

A freaking out, over caffeinated Brooke told Emma that, before they were friends, Emma was a “pristine Pollyanna type” that Nina felt needed to be taught her place. Ugh, high school girls. So after finding out Will thought that Emma was cute, Nina bet Will that he couldn’t sleep with Emma within a month’s time. How very She’s All That of them, huh? That video was the proof that Will won the bet. Brooke admitted to Emma that she should have told Emma the truth, but the deeper Emma got into their friend group, the harder it got to do it. Emma was obviously upset, since now she realizes that not only did she get humiliated in front of the school (also, this is child porn, so how has nobody tried to find out more about this sex tape?), but also her whole first love relationship is a lie.

We learned last episode that Nina had folders on all of her friends on her computer, so not only did she facilitate Emma and Will’s relationship for her own amusement, but she had it filmed and then kept it on her computer for use at a later date. I mean, I don’t say this lightly, but Nina deserved to be stabbed in a hot tub. She was a sociopath, and I’m glad that she’s gone. Of course, we’ll be uncovering more of her secrets as the season continues.

What about Emma and Will? She confronted him about the bet and Will told her that she had “every right to be mad.” Um, duh, dirt bag. You’re just as bad as Nina is. Luckily, the last kiss of the episode was Kieran. Let’s go with that for the rest of the season, okay, writers?

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