Maddie & Kendall Battle For 'Dance Moms' Top Spot

With Nationals two weeks away, the question on every ALDC team member's mind was whether or not they would get a solo. Kendall defeated JoJo last week, which meant that in the July 28th episode "Baby Dance Mama Drama" Maddie and Kendall each got a solo on Dance Moms . Abby made clear that only the winner would compete a solo at Nationals, so the pressure was on.

Both girls were given contemporary routines, and Jill immediately fretted that Kendall was at a disadvantage because hers involved catching a scarf and Kendall's track record with props is... not great. Throughout rehearsals Jill continued to express her usual frustrations — namely that she felt Kendall's choreography and costume were inferior to Maddie's. Still, she didn't argue when all the mothers concurred that Maddie was the ALDC's safest bet for a first place solo. Maddie didn't compete at Nationals last year because she was on a job that week and the ALDC didn't have a winning solo in her age division.

Kendall's technique has improved this season, but she has continued to struggle with anxiety during high stakes competitions. Going up against Maddie is never an easy feat and Kendall definitely felt the pressure. Still, she got onstage and gave a great performance despite briefly struggling with her prop. But Maddie was on top of her game and didn't miss a beat, so it was no surprise when she was named the winner. Kendall came in second place which, despite how Abby feels about second, was something to be proud of.

So, will Maddie be the only ALDC member competing in the pre-teen solo division at Nationals? I doubt it. Abby is putting her most talented dancers up against each other now in order to push them, but in prior seasons ALDC members have always competed solos against each other at Nationals. Maddie is definitely the team member who is most likely to bring home a first place trophy, but Kendall could easily place in the top three. Abby can rely on Maddie to win, but it would look even better for her studio if she had two medalists.

For now, it seems likely that both Maddie and Kendall will compete in the solo division at Nationals. Abby is using every tactic possible to push her dancers to work their hardest, but ultimately, she won't miss an opportunity to showcase the talents of these two beautiful dancers.

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime