Kendall Vertes' Best 'Dance Moms' Performances, From Musical Theater To Bollywood - VIDEOS

Look out, Maddie — the Abby Lee Dance Company has a new rising star to watch. Maddie's teammate Kendall Vertes has officially joined her in the spotlight. Recently, Dance Moms star Kendall released her first single, the catchy "Wear Em Out," complete with a music video showcasing her dance talents. While Maddie has easily been Abby's favorite since day one, Kendall has had to work her way to the top and she still needs to prove herself week after week. The result of that is a collection of Kendall's best Dance Moms performances that would blow any competition away. Her dancing looks better than ever, and her ability to successfully execute routines in every style, from jazz to musical theater to Bollywood, makes her a strong contender in the solo category and an asset to any group routine.

Although she sometimes falls victim to self-doubt and is known for being too sensitive for Abby's taste, Kendall has owned the stage during countless solo performances, especially during the last two seasons. Her technique is constantly improving, her stage presence is strong, and she has undeniable star quality that I predict will take her far in Los Angeles. She was featured as the cover girl for Dance Track in Season 3 and similar opportunities await her in California.

In honor of Kendall's well-deserved new place in the spotlight, let's take a look back at some of her most memorable routines:

1. "Voodoo Doll" (Season 3)

MyAwesomSauce on YouTube

Kendall won second place at Nationals with this jazz/musical theater routine and established herself as someone to be reckoned with. Her stage presence is strong, and she definitely has a future in acting if it's something she chooses to pursue.

2. "Not Just Another Pretty Face" (Season 4)

When Kendall performed Maddie's choreography, she proved that she's just as talented as Abby's favorite. Their strengths are different, but Kendall's technique was near-perfect in this routine.

3. "Fool Me Once" (Season 4)

The only thing wrong with this performance was Cathy's obnoxious commentary in the background. Cathy, desperation does not become you.

4. "Just Rain" (Season 4)

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Here's proof that Kendall should be doing more lyrical routines! Her technique was graceful, the turns were flawless, and those jumps weren't looking too shabby either.

5. "Victorious" (Season 5)

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Kendall kicked off Season 5 with a first-place solo that was appropriately named "Victorious".

6. "Welcome To A New World" (Season 5)

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Kendall is the most versatile dancer on the team — she successfully performs in a range of styles, and this was the first time one of Abby's dancers took on Bollywood. Not only was her dancing flawless, but Kendall proved herself to be a true pro when her music stopped and she didn't miss a beat.

7. "Waiting" (Season 5)

pink.aldc on YouTube

This contemporary routine took first place and it's easy to see why. Kendall's technique was beautiful, she engaged with the audience, and she looked more confident onstage than ever. If she can keep this up, her star will only continue to rise.