This 'BiP' Alum Is Going The Distance For Love

Surely, you all can remember Marcus Grodd from Bachelor In Paradise. When we first met Marcus, he was a sports medicine manager vying for Andi’s Dorfman’s heart on The Bachelorette, then he memorably went onto to become one half of the most PDA-heavy couple ever on Bachelor Nation's summer romp. And as it turns out, like Andi, Marcus didn't stick it out for his career in sports medicine. In fact, it may thoroughly surprise you to learn that Marcus Grodd is training to be in the military. Yep, it came as a surprise to me too, but a rep for Marcus' wife Lacy Faddoul confirmed that the ridiculously tall former Bachelorette contestant is currently training for the Coast Guard and is living on base.

But we probably should have expected Marcus to switch around, job-wise. On top of his former career as a sports medicine manager, and Lacy's new husband has a background in soccer, too. According to Reality Steve’s dirt on the BiP cast member from last year, Marcus grew up playing soccer and played overseas in Europe for a little while. However, this new career is pretty awesome considering the Coast Guard has a hub in San Diego County, aka where Lacy works and lives. Coincidence? I'm going to go with "nah."

And while I am hoping the 27-year-old has found his calling, I have decided to come up with more career options the tall drink of water could take on if this one doesn't stick. Sky's the limit, bro!


Soccer player, turned coast guard, turned Mayor? Look, if Arnold can be the governor of California, I’m sure Marcus is intelligent enough to get his foot in the political door. Plus, Lacy would be an awesome first lady — do they call mayor's wives first ladies? In any case, he could totally do this.


At this point, who knows what we know about Marcus for real? Maybe the Canadian-native has some cooking skills stashed somewhere in his brain. What if he opened an entire restaurant dedicated to poutine? No one would be upset about that. I mean, look at it:


We all had the hots for Marcus the first time we laid eyes on him and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we will continue to have the hots for him while he works on his modeling career. If I was 14 years old, I would definitely put some Marcus Grodd magazine cut outs on my wall if they were out there in the world.

Stay-At-Home Dad

When Lacy and Marcus start having children, he should volunteer to stay at home with the kids. The world needs more stay-at-home dads and the moms at school would not mind seeing Marcus every day. I know I wouldn’t.

Soccer Coach

We already know that he loves soccer, so he may as well head back to his roots and become a soccer coach.

Talk Show Host

Not just any talk show host. Marcus and his Bachelorette buddy Josh Murray would need to team up and become the male versions of Kathie Lee and Hoda. Two drunk besties... probably talking about The Bachelor.

In short, you do you, Marcus. And change jobs as often as you see fit.

Images: Giphy (5); Diamond-reacts/Tumblr