Marcus Grodd & Lacy Faddoul Are Weird As Hell on Instagram

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If I had drafted my Bachelor in Paradise fantasy football team — now something I immediately regret not having — after the first week, Marcus Grodd's partner in crime Lacy Faddoul would have been my linchpin quarterback. She was the best. She was in the ocean 80 percent of the day, she spent all of her time, including official meetings with Chris Harrison, in a hot pink bikini with short-like bottoms (like the one you had in 7th grade, except you didn't look like Lacy in 7th grade), and Lacy was always ready to make out. You go girl. Lacy was sent packing after the first cocktail party during Juan Pablo's season and she wasn't looking to have that happen again; so her solution was just to hook as many guys as possible immediately.

The best thing about Lacy was that all of the other women couldn't stop saying how bad all of this made her look, and how the men were not going to like her acting like that... and the men couldn't stop talking about how awesome and hot she was. One of Lacy's men was Marcus, who took a week — a year in Lacy time — to make sure he was the only one she stayed interested in. And now the rumors are flying that Lacy and Marcus are engaged. So, why are their Instagrams of each other so lacking and awkward? Well, neither one of them are exactly wit monsters, but if you look a little deeper, the awkwardness actually speaks for itself.

Image: Agustin Murillo/ABC

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