'The Bachelorette's Marcus Grodd May Be Juan Pablo 2.0 — Beware The Former Soccer Pro, Andi

If we're just being superficial here (which can you really blame us this early on in The Bachelorette?), there are probably some guys Bachelorette Andi probably won't have her happily ever after with. And one of those guys is a former soccer player. Although appearing on the last season of The Bachelor helped Andi score her current gig to find true love, she probably would have rather done so without having the displeasure of dating Juan Pablo her first time around on the show, who she couldn't wait to say "Adios!" to. We're all still cringing from their last nightmarish overnight date in St. Lucia. But now, Andi is staring down the barrell of another potential "It's okay" aficionado: Marcus Grodd.

Maybe soccer players are actually Andi's kryptonite. She just can't seem to resist them. We already know Patrick is an avid soccer player. His little limo entrance where he kicked around the ball with Andi (in her ball gown and heels and all) before showing off his skills to punt the ball away in the air tipped us off to that. But Andi may be unaware that there's another suitor who was a former footballer: Marcus. According to Reality Steve (beware of some spoilers in this link), the photo below is of Marcus during his pro soccer career in Europe. Isn't it a wonder what six years and some five o'clock shadow can do?

The bio attached to the photo says Marcus spent part of his early childhood in Europe, and played soccer in The Netherlands and Denmark. He continued to play for a soccer club in Texas when he later moved to the U.S. with his family. After high school, Marcus headed for Europe to begin his pro soccer career playing for a Polish football club. This might not have been too foreign of an experience for Marcus as his mother is originally from Poland.

Clearly, Marcus' affinity for athletics and staying fit have helped make him a frontrunner for Andi. We all saw the Top Gun -themed striptease for which Marcus won the group date rose. Need we say more?

But even before that, Andi has been swept off her feet by Marcus' physical attractiveness. Marcus was the first guy Andi met during the limo arrivals, and she practically needed to cool down from all the hotness he was serving up. Even after sitting down with Marcus for a one-on-one chat later that night and learning about his European heritage and multilingual skills, Andi mostly just said, "Marcus is hot." And he certainly did fill out that suit and tie quite nicely during the Boyz II Men group date in Sunday night's episode.

Yes Andi, Marcus is clearly one of the more attractive contestants on The Bachelorette this season. But if you're seriously considering Marcus as "the one," try to make sure your new sexy soccer star beau is a nice guy and capable of meaningful conversation too, yeah?

Image: ABC; Albertson21/Wikipedia