Jaime King's Love For Lena Dunham Takes Shirt Form

This new mom loves her some Lena Dunham! Jaime King wore a naked Lena Dunham shirt, and since both King and Dunham participate in Taylor Swift's squad goals and are pals with the singer, it only makes sense that they are also BFFs with each other.

King, who just welcomed her son, posed on Instagram in a white tee that boasted an amazing, animated, and naked Dunham in a variety of poses.

Dunham is often seen naked on Girls, the show she writes and produces. She isn't afraid to be body positive and show herself as she is. So King's shirt shouldn't be surprising nor should it be shocking. It was also a cute way for her to display her love for a pal.

King even captioned the photo lovingly, posting, "I will totally wear a best bud all nekked on a t-shirt." The actress and model further joked that she felt super close to Dunham by wearing her nude body on a tee.

To be fair, the cartoon shirt version of Dunham is wearing a bikini and in bed in some of the shirt's scenes. The images are also drawn, so they are not vulgar nor are they gratuitous. Ultimately, it's not an overtly X-rated shirt. Its vibe is playful.

For her part, King looked all cute and cozy, with her messy hair in her face.

I would totally wear naked and sketched Lena Dunham on my shirt, too. Notice the birthday cake image! It's all facets of Lena and Hannah Horvath.

There are other referential celeb shirts from this generation and beyond, like the ones featuring Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne. They are sort of like concert shirts, but they have this kitschy, pop culture element to them.

The Moss x Playboy shirt is one example.

So is the Moss finger mustache shirt.

As is this Delevingne finger mustache shirt.

Moss and Delevingne's besties should wear these shirts to show their love. These tees are so inner circle. I expect to see T. Swift boasting the Delevingne tee at one of the dates on her 1989 Tour. Who cares if she doesn't, though? You can just wear one and look cute.

Images: Jaime King/Instagram (1); Marc Jacobs (1); Shopbop (1); Dresscode (1)