'BB's Austin Needs To Tone Down His Creeper Vibe

by Chelsea Mize

Big Brother's Austin Matelson went from strong competitor and fan favorite to resident creep in record time. 0 to 100, real freaking quick. Yes, showmances sometimes spawn real feelings but Austin was all too eager to abandon his game to leech onto Liz. One thing is certain, Big Brother' s Austin needs to back off of Liz (and perhaps even do us all a favor and go home).

Liz is between a rock and a professional wrestler right now as she contemplates her gameplay going forward. It's clear she's not as into the relationship as Austin is (if at all) but in Austin, she has the ultimate ally — someone who is so into her that they are willing to fall on the sword to save her. So, while she awaits Austin's demise, she might as well ride out the protection while she can.

However, Liz's strategy quickly lands her in a creepy pseudo-prostitute type of relationship in which she's Big Brother pimping herself out to get her farther in the game. While it might be an effective strategy for now, it's not a great situation for her to be in. If Austin just backed off, Liz might feel more comfortable being authentic with her feelings instead of lying to Austin's face (and having to ward off his kiss attempts). Austin, the time has come to chill. Real talk.

He Got Territorial Really Quick

In one of the first weeks in the house, we saw the first signs of trouble with Austin. Bothered by Liz's on-again-off-again affections for him, Austin didn't hesitate before he began gunning for Jeff. If I remember correctly, this was the first incident in which we saw Austin manipulating and lying to his allies for his own gain.

He Showed That He Is Two-Faced

Austin's boneheaded move of selling out the twins to Jason (and telling others in the house that they could target Julia once she got in the house so he can have Liz all to himself) was the most blatant example of his two-faced, selfish behavior. Bro has no chill.

He Uses Judas As An Excuse For Bad Behavior

Look, I wrote my master's thesis on Nicki Minaj's alter-egos (seriously). I'm all for a killer alter-ego but Austin needs to realize that there's a time and a place. He's not in the wrestling ring, he's on Big Brother. I don't know if his cutesy little alter-ego is a game strategy or if he is just trying to promote his wrestling career but I'm just about over his 'blame his bad decisions on Judas' shtick. You're not a five-year-old who blames his messes on his imaginary friend. Grow up and own your actions.

Liz Clearly Isn't Into It

She straight up admitted it to Julia and, if that wasn't enough, you can see it all over her face. Just look at those 'help me' eyes.

He's Romanticizing His Showmance

I don't know why Austin got so attached so quickly; Liz might be flirty but I don't think she's given him enough cause for him to be this obsessed with her. I think most of this showmance has happened in his head; homie needs to calm down with romanticizing his realty TV gameshow relationship.

He Went Against Liz's 'Womb Mate'

Though I touched on this when discussing his two-faced behavior, this is worth a revisit because it's a betrayal that seriously crosses the line. If Austin really cared about Liz, he would know better than to double cross her sister WHO SHARES IDENTICAL DNA WITH HER. Blood runs thicker than water, dude, and now you've got twin blood all over your hands. Your goose is cooked.

If Austin keeps up this behavior, his days are surely numbered in the house. For more analysis on Austin's creepiness, pop on over and check out Bustle's very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. To stay up to date with all of our podcasts, subscribe to our SoundCloud page or check out more episodes of The Diary Room on iTunes.

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