Christina Applegate Was Almost Elle Woods

The world as we know it could have been very, very different. Legally Blonde is a perfect movie, and a large part of that is credited to Reese Witherspoon's charming portrayal of Elle Woods. While the character's style remains bend and snap-ready to this day, she was almost completely different. That's right, Christina Applegate almost played Elle Woods.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Applegate said, "The [Legally Blonde] script came along my way and it was right after I had just finished, Married [...with Children], and it was, you know, a blonde who was, in that first script dimwitted but ends up going to Harvard. It was just, I got scared. I got scared of kind of repeating myself. What a stupid move that was, right?"

The success of Legally Blonde catapulted Witherspoon to major stardom, but Applegate has no hard feelings. "That's okay, you know what? Reese deserved that and she did a much better job than I ever could, so that's her life, that's her path," she added.

However, I'm still pondering how Applegate playing Elle Woods could have changed the entire course of history. From her later career moves to Witherspoon's subsequent roles, here's how the world would have been very different.

Witherspoon's Path To Oscar Might Have Been Longer

In 2006, just five years after Legally Blonde, Witherspoon won an Oscar for Walk the Line. There's no telling how her schedule could have changed had she not won the role of Elle.

Applegate Might Not Have Been In Anchorman

Anchorman was released in 2004, just one year after Legally Blonde 2 hit theaters. If Applegate filmed the sequel, it could have prevented her from doing the cult classic comedy.

Applegate And Witherspoon Might Never Have Played Sisters

Both actresses played Rachel Green's sister on Friends. Had Applegate played Elle, the actresses' schedules could have been different, forcing the show to cast different people for the cameos.

Legally Blonde 2 Might Never Have Happened

The sequel followed the success of Legally Blonde. While Applegate is talented, there's no denying that Witherspoon was perfect for the role and played a huge part in the movie's legacy.

"Bend And Snap" Might Not Have Become An Iconic Phrase

Again, this is a total nod to Witherspoon's charm.

We Would Never Have Seen Witherspoon Re-Enact A Scene In 2015

Fourteen years later, the bend and snap still works every time.

We Would Never Have Gotten An On-Screen Cruel Intentions Reunion

Witherspoon reunited with Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair in Legally Blonde. There was no scheming step-siblings, but it was still cool to see them work together again.

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