Be The Brains & Beauty In 'Legally Blonde' Style

Does anyone else remember the hilarious bend and snap from Legally Blonde? I miss that movie, especially Elle Woods and her optimistic outlook on life, not to mention her fabulous Legally Blonde style. It was full of fun, fashion, and fuchsia and completely summed up our '90s and early noughties obsession with celebrities and their excessive lifestyles. There were mansions, sports cars, and handbag dogs galore — which is a far cry from 2015, where solar energy is hot, more people are turning to vegetarianism/veganism, and we all seem to be a little more eco-aware.

Yes, the movie has some seriously questionable anti-feminist issues — such as the entire plot line, which centers around Elle wanting to try and win back her boyfriend by attending Harvard Law School because he wants to be with someone more "serious." Why didn't anyone teach her she needs to find someone who loves her just the way she is?!

Re-watching the scene where he dumps her as an adult makes me realize what an absolute slime ball that man is. How could he give up a confident, intelligent, beautiful woman just because he's afraid of what others will think and then go crawling back to her when he discovers how amazing and strong she is? What an idiot. Thankfully at the end of the movie when he tries to win her back, she dismisses him with, "If I'm gonna' be a partner in a law firm by the time I'm 30, I need a boyfriend who's not such a complete bonehead."

Legally Blonde is such a fun movie and there is a lot to be learned from Elle and her journey of self discovery. Aside from the arguably anti-feminist storyline and, of course, the bend and snap, Ms. Woods actually has some pretty feminist moments that we can all learn from, such as not allowing people to underestimate her because of the way she looks.

IMO, Elle's style can be explained as a mixture between designer loving Cher Horowitz and super girly girl Baby Spice with a hint of Barbie. She flaunts her Prada shoes while wearing anything pink, sparkly, and/or fluffy and shows that you can wear feminine clothes and be a feminist.

So unleash your inner girly girl, put on some pink lipstick, and get ready to channel Elle Woods!

1. The Pink Summer Dress

Elle looks stylishly summery in this pink, halter-neck dress, which she wears on her Harvard admissions video.

Lucy Plunge Neck Slinky Midi Bodycon Dress, $26, Boohoo

This cerise midi dress with a plunging neckline is a near match! Pair with some pink, strappy heels and rose tinted spectacles to complete your Elle Woods style outfit.

2. The Heart Necklace

Elle's style is all about the finishing touches. She primps and preens until she is picture perfect. She is often seen in her Tiffany heart necklace, which adds a feminine flourish to her outfits.

Keep It Safe Locket Necklace, $116, Tatty Devine

Capture Elle's essence in this charming heart necklace. A quirky touch is added to the traditional heart pendant, with the addition of a cut-out keyhole. A super sweet necklace without the high end price tag.

3. The Pink Leather Jacket

Much like The Pink Panther, Elle is seen wearing pink through pretty much the whole movie. To continuously pull off multiple stylish outfits in the same color is an achievement. Here she proves that leather jackets come in many colors; not just black. This fuchsia jacket gives a new meaning to biker chic.

River Island Leather Look Biker Jacket, $109, ASOS

Copy Ms. Woods' cool style in this peachy leather look biker jacket.

4. The Sequin Bikini

Elle shows us that all that glitters is not gold in this sparkling sequin bikini. In fact, she seems to have a selection of sequin bikinis that she wears throughout Legally Blonde. She proves that you don't always have to wear pink to look feminine.

Daisy Beachwear Lime Sequin Pucker Back Bikini, $72, Amazon

This lime bikini would be a total hit with Elle. In fact, with its halter-neck, sparkling sequins, and tie-side briefs, it's almost exactly the same as Ms. Woods'!

5. The Fluffy Jacket

Like this fluffy jacket, Elle is a total softie. But don't let her looks deceive you, she can bring the sass whenever she needs to.

Pink "Eve" Faux Fur Jacket, $487, Etsy

This bright pink, fluffy jacket screams '90s glam. All you'll need is your fluffy-topped pen and you'll be ready for whatever life throws at you!

6. The Bunny Ears

Unfortunately, Elle was tricked by her ex-boyfriend's evil girlfriend into turning up to a regular party in a bunny costume — what a meanie! However, Elle totally flaunts her outfit while exuding confidence, turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Liberace Bunny Ears In Pink, $46, Crown and Glory

Animal ear headbands are an awesome way to add a fun vibe to your outfit. Wear one to a party or a festival for a glamorous and quirky talking point.

7. The Polka Dot Shirt

Elle means business and when she dresses for work, she does so in style. Elle proves that work clothes don't have to be boring and you can add your own unique style to your office outfit.

Polka Dot Print Top, $20, Forever 21

Elle would definitely approve of this spotty white shirt. It treads the line between professional and cute and the multi-colored dots give it a whimsical edge.

8. The Pink Beret

Elle always looks so on point, right down to the last detail. Check out this quirky, pink beret that matches her stripy top. She has even matched her dog's attire to her own... genius!

Pink Wool Beret, $23, Rokit

If you want to channel head to toe pink like Elle then you need this pink beret in your life.

9. The Pink '70s Style Dress

Elle wears this stunning 1970s style pink dress for her big win in the final court scene. With its oversized lapels and large cuffs, this dress really makes a statement. Ms. Woods proves that you don't have to channel masculine vibes in order to excel at power dressing.

Pink Chiffon Slim Fit 3/4 Sleeve Shirt Expansion Dress, $19, Amazon

Put a modern spin on Elle's 1970s style shirt dress with this pretty, pale pink style.

If you, too, love pink, giving out girly vibes, and feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life, then channel Elle Woods ASAP.

Images: Type A Films; Marc Platt Productions; Giphy (5); Courtesy Brands