Austin Needs To Leave Liz Alone On 'BB17'

When I first "met" Austin Matelson I didn't know what to think. But, now I have a very strong opinion. Austin needs to leave Liz alone on Big Brother 17. Like, ASAP. It wasn't always like this, though. At first Austin really bro-ed out hard and aligned himself with Jace Agolli. That alliance did not work out at all since Jace was actually the first to be eliminated. Then he found himself aligned with Vanessa and the twins Liz and Julia. It seemed like a smart move. Vanessa is a very intelligent game player, which makes sense given her background as a poker player, and Liz and Julia gave them numbers. And then... it all fell apart.

I really thought that Austin would have more to offer as a game player, but he hasn't really been carrying his weight much in this primary alliance. The weirdest thing is that he really doesn't seem to care about the game at all. So, since he's not focused on the game, what is he focused on? Well, that would be his one-side love affair with Liz Nolan, of course. Sure, she's kind of flirting back with him, but it's all strategy for her, and, ultimately, he needs to back off. It's pretty clear that she is not interested in him for anything other than protection in the game. Austin needs to back away from Liz for multiple reasons.

1. He Needs To Focus On His Game

Austin came on this show to compete, not to meet a girl. It's not as if he had any idea that Liz was going to be in the house before they arrived. He needs to make decisions to benefit Austin, not Liz. This isn't The Bachelor; it's Big Brother.

2. He Should Take Care Of Himself

On some level, you could say that Austin is focusing on the game, but it's Liz's game. Austin is really all about Liz's well being and happiness, but he is not doing anything to take care of himself. He is going to unravel if he is all about Liz and not Austin.

3. He Is Getting Played On TV

Liz has made it very clear to the television cameras that she is a "big flirt" and is not actually into Austin. Aside from her own twin sister, he is her most loyal house mate. She has told her sister and said in the Diary Room that she does not have an interest in Austin. He is going to feel like a major fool when he's out of the house and catching up on Big Brother repeats.

4. He Is Upsetting Liz's Twin

Austin told Jason that Liz was his favorite twin and that he has no problem throwing her sister Julia under the bus. If he really cared about Liz that much, you figure he would try to be in the good graces of her best friend and other half. What a dumb move.

5. He Is Making Himself An Easy Target

Clearly Austin isn't the strong, invincible wrestler that we all thought he was when he entered the house. He has surrendered to his feelings and let them take over. He is definitely the most vulnerable person in the house right now.

I just wish that Austin had the chance to watch himself on TV so he could see what we all see and could get it together and let Liz live — without him.

Images: CBS(6)