Marcus & Lacy's History Of Cuteness

For a series of shows entirely based around finding love and creating lasting marriages, the Bachelor franchise doesn't exactly have the best track record. Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff, Emily Maynard & Jef Holm, Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray — the road to true love is littered with couples who just couldn't make it. There is a silver living to this breakup cloud, we may have a couple that is actually going the distance. Marcus and Lacy are getting married on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and they are looking more in love than ever before. This is quite the feat considering how into each other they were last year. In fact, reports are now saying that the two were married during the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise. For anyone else that would seem pretty strange, but for these two, it works.

They've both been a staple on reality shows since 2014, and watching them actually tie the knot feels like a little present for everyone who watched countless engagements end without ceremony on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Will they go the distance? I hope so. I mean, just look at the timeline of Marcus and Lacy's road to marriage, and tell me that's not a match made in reality show heaven.

When Lacy Met Juan Pablo

This was a pretty controversial season, with Juan Pablo not exactly holding up his end of the bargain of being the dream guy everyone was hoping for. Lacy was eliminated early on, but I think we can all agree she dodged a bullet here.

The Dorfman Files

Marcus tried his hand at wooing Andi, and made it all the way to week eight (also known as the meet the parents trip). They clearly had a connection but Nick, Josh and Chris all advanced while Marcus had to head home. It was pretty sad.

Two Tickets To Paradise

Ah, things turn around for our our dejected contestants. They agree to be on Bachelor in Paradise, with Marcus as a late addition after he left Andi's season. No one predicted their love connection coming.

Fantasy Island (Sort Of)

Once they got settled they were in it for real. Sparks from day one leads to kissing, canoodling and epic declarations of love that really don't seem meant for the camera. The show ended and they were engaged, with everyone wondering if it would last.

They Have To Go Back To The Island

And their love has lasted! Just like Jack, Lacy and Marcus are returning to the island where it all started. Only for them it's more about true love than anything else. Season 2 is starting soon, and we'll be able to see the big wedding for ourselves.

Happily Ever After

Maybe. Probably. The statistics are not in their favor, but I'm rooting for them anyway.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; giphy (6)