Will Jason Work At The Supermarket After 'Big Brother 17'? His Newfound Fame Could Get Him Out Of His Rut

When we first got to know Jason Roy on Big Brother 17, we learned he worked at a supermarket, and he was living in his parents' basement. He has been a Big Brother super fan from the beginning and seems pretty convinced that his time on the show will have a life changing effect. But, [spoiler alert] according to the live feeds, Jason is a pretty strong candidate for eviction this week. So, what's going to happen after his run on Big Brother is over? If evicted, will Jason go back to working as a stock boy at his local grocery store? He clearly wants his life to change, and, fortunately, I have some good news for him based on some reality show facts.

Obviously this is all speculative since I don't know Jason and have zero shot at communicating with him while he's in the Big Brother house, but I am a reality television enthusiast who knows how these things work. My instinctual answer is, "No." I do not see Jason going back to work at the supermarket after Big Brother. After all, he's a reality television star now.

What usually happens after regular people take part in reality television is that they become what's talked about in pop culture news. They are interesting to people that they've never met and even have a fanbase. A lot of these reality stars end up doing club appearances, writing books, endorsing products, appearing on other reality shows, and whatever else they can do to capitalize and extend their fifteen minutes of fame. Given that Jason has a larger than life personality, I bet that he would want to do something within the entertainment industry, even if it's just popping bottles during club appearances. After all, he wouldn't be the first. Plenty of Big Brother stars have parlayed their time on the show into something more.

Modeling Careers

Cody Calafiore used his exposure on Big Brother, and his blessed genetics to launch a successful modeling career.

Red Carpet Appearances

Big Brother cast members, like Zach Rance, often get invited to award shows and red carpets to help keep their fame going.

Talk Shows

Plenty of former Big Brother housemates continue to make the rounds on the talk show circuit as guest co-hosts and guests. For example, BB16 alum Frankie Grande has appeared on The Talk more than once.

Big Brother Correspondents

Big Brother's own Jeff Schroeder has been working as a correspondent for Big Brother by interviewing the contestants once they get booted out of the house. He really has made Big Brother into a legitimate career, and Jason could easily do that as well.

More Reality TV

Big Brother golden couple Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder have become participants on the WeTV show Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars to work on issues in their relationship.

If Jason doesn't want to work at a supermarket, he doesn't have to work at the supermarket. All he has to do is follow in the footsteps of the successful Big Brother alumni before him.

Image: CBS