Are Any MH370 Conspiracies Ruled Out Now?

More than a year after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, debris found on Réunion Island is speculated to be part of the missing plane. A wing found on the tiny island, which is located near Madagascar, is said to bear resemblance to a Boeing 777, which is the type of plane that went missing. The wing has not been confirmed to be part of the plane. But while we wait for answers, some might be wondering if Réunion's location rules out any Malaysia Airlines Flight conspiracy theories concerning the whereabouts of the plane.

As you might remember, news organizations from all over the world spent a lot of time extensively reporting on the missing plane and speculating what might have happened. And with worldwide speculation inevitably comes conspiracy theories. Lots of conspiracy theories. ( The Mirror lists 19!) The theories range from the plane being shot down by military operations to rapper Pitbull predicting the crash two years ago in the lyrics of his song "Get It Started." While there is as of yet no way to prove or disprove those two theories (the Pitbull one seems like a stretch, though ...), there are a few that can now be ruled out if the found debris is in fact from the plane.

1. U.S. Military Base Landing

If the plane parts at Réunion turn out to be from MH370, this rules out the theory that the plane landed at a United States military base in Diego Garcia, a claim that the United States has been forced to deny.

2. Captivity In Afghanistan

Another popular theory was that the plane was flown to Afghanistan, where the crew and the passengers were held captive.

3. Insurance Scam

Yet another theory that would be false held that the plane's disappearance was all just an elaborate insurance scam. If someone only needed money, that wouldn't explain why the plane crashed, rather than disappeared.

4. Taken To North Korea

A theory that would definitely be off the table was that the missing plane was taken to North Korea for unknown purposes.

5. Asian Bermuda Triangle

A theory that would be eliminated is that there was a mysterious region in the sea, similar to the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, where the plane disappeared.

6. Otherworldly Or Secret Society Captivity

Obviously, if the plane parts found are from MH370, this would probably also disprove other, more out-there theories, such alien abduction or the work of the Illuminati.

Images: Getty Images