11 Things Tom Hiddleston Fans Need Elizabeth Olsen To Know, Because Not All Hiddlestoners Are Against This Pairing

When someone becomes famous, they gain loyal followers. One particular celebrity who has a passionate group of fans is Tom Hiddleston. As most of us know, the Thor and Avengers actor's fans call themselves Hiddlestoners, because they're just that spirited for the man who brought Loki to life. They always have the actor's back, no matter what. The Hiddleston army is here to stay and won't be going anywhere, especially when it comes to educating others about the actor. For example, ever since it was reported that Tom Hiddleston might be dating Elizabeth Olsen, Hiddlestoners have been very outspoken about the two, especially with what they want Olsen to know about the amazing man.

Whether Olsen and Hiddleston are friends or are dating, it doesn't matter, because the fact is they're spending a lot of time together. You know what that means? His fans are going to try and educate Olsen all about her I Saw the Light co-star. From teaching him about his favorite color to making her pay attention to his dance moves to ensuring she knows just how nice of a guy he is, Hiddlestoners will do whatever it takes to make sure she knows all there is about the man who may or may not be her boyfriend.

Here are 11 things Hiddleston fans need Olsen to know, because it's important she knows all about his amazing qualities.

1. If She Hurts Him, Hiddlestoners Will Revolt

This is pretty much a given, but if Olsen and Hiddleston are dating, then she better treat him right. If not, his fans will revolt, because they're just that protective of their favorite actor ever.

2. Not All Hiddlestoners Are Against Her

There are many fans who don't support the two actors being together, but there are also many who support a relationship between them. Don't worry, Elizabeth, some of us have your back.

3. He Might Make You Wait

Hiddleston is no stranger to making his fans wait for an appearance at an awards show, another movie, or most importantly, a tweet! That also might ring true when it comes to his real life and whoever he may or may not be dating.

4. He'll Teach You To Love Shakespeare

There's a good chance that Olsen already loves Shakespeare, but if she doesn't, there's no doubt Hiddleston will make her fall in love with it — especially if he's on stage reciting some of the most famous author's sonnets.

5. This Is How He Laughs

This is the textual representation of his laugh: “ehehehe." Learn it and love it.

6. Sometimes He Can Be Overwhelming

Hiddlestoners know that the man we love can be overwhelming sometimes — in a good way. For example, sometimes he'll release a new movie, step out with his bestie Benedict Cumberbatch, and shoot a magazine cover, all at once. It's so much, but, oh, it's so good.

7. He Likes To Dance... So Dance!

Maybe Olsen loves to dance, but if she doesn't, it's a must when you're around Hiddleston. It's pretty much contagious.

8. Loki Will Always Be Better Than Thor

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Loki might been the so-called villain, but he is so much more than that, especially to Hiddlestoners.

9. His Vocabulary Is Important

Here are all the words and phrases associated with Hiddleston. Olsen, memorize these, stat.

10. He's Never Giving A High Five, It's A Wave

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever notice how his wave is never blurry in a still photo? That's because he doesn't actually wave it back and forth. He holds it still and poses beautifully.

11. Yes, He Is Perfect

You're not dreaming, Elizabeth: Tom Hiddleston is perfect.

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