Why Jason Deserves To Stay On 'Big Brother 17'

Jason Roy quickly left an impression when he was introduced on Big Brother this season. His bold voice and quick wit made him a fast fan favorite, and his smart gameplay and intellect gained him a partnership with other houseguests to form the After Dark Crew alliance. Unfortunately, it looks like Jason is next to be evicted on Big Brother 17 after being put up as a replacement nominee. Jason's sense of humor and humble background as a grocery cashier from small-town Massachusetts make him one of the most likable contestants this season, which makes it all the more difficult to imagine him getting evicted.

Unlike past evictions this season, which have had a very clear target who was unliked by many houseguests (Jace, Jeff, Audrey), this week has two favorites on the chopping block. Jason was put up by the Sixth Sense alliance against the likable pawn Becky. Although the #BeckyUpdate hashtag is one of the greatest things to happen to Twitter, Jason has proved time and time again that he's the contestant that Big Brother deserves. Entertaining and likable superfans who know how to strategize and actually play the game don't come along very often. Johnny Mac is funny, but he's not playing very hard. Jeff played super hard, but his greatest downfall was that he was Jeff. Jason is the perfect Big Brother contestant.

Here are a few times Jason proved that he is the houseguest that Big Brother fans deserve.

Jason Calls It Like He Sees It

Jason regularly speaks his mind on the other houseguests, and even if it isn't always polite, it is always correct.

Jason Is The Anti-Frankie Grande

Frankie was a divisive figure during BB16, and Jason does share an entertaining and honest nature with the self-proclaimed "social media mogul." What Jason doesn't have in common with him, however, is everything else that made people dislike Frankie.

Jason Is "The Cute One" Of The Wackstreet Boys

Julia is obviously "the bad boy" of the group.

Jason Sees Right Through Austin

Unlike Vanessa, Jason knows that Austin isn't playing this game for anyone but himself.

Jason Throws The Best Shade

"Oh boo hoo, you're on national television" - Jason's mind, probably.

Jason Knows The Value Of Good Cologne

He also clearly knows the value of Nick Minaj, which is equally important.

Jason is Here To Play

Jason echoes' the frustration of the Big Brother fanbase whenever someone says they "just want to make it to jury." Jason came to win.

Jason's Friendship With Meg Is The Best

We can't let the other houseguests break this bond.

Jason Could Actually Use The Money

Unlike Austin or Vanessa, who make a pretty penny, Jason's financial situation is probably the direst of any of the houseguests, which means he is playing harder than anyone else.

Jason Has Some Hidden Talents

If only there had been a cotton-ball stuffing competition.

Jason Has The Best Fans

If everyone's favorite BB16 contestant likes you, you're doing a good job.

Jason Knows What It's Like Being A Fan

Jason would watch the live feeds of Big Brother for seasons before this one, so he knows how to work the format and have fun with the audience.

Jason's Facial Expressions Are Seriously The Best


Even if Jason doesn't make it through the week and ends up going home, we will always have all the amazing things he has said over the past month to be remembered as time goes on. At least we'll still have #BeckyUpdate. And for more on everyone's favorite houseguests, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast.

Image: CBS