18 Times #BeckyUpdate Made Your Dreams Come True

If you're a Big Brother fan, you undoubtedly take to Twitter to get your Big Brother fix by talking game with fellow BB enthusiasts. As a newbie Big Brother fan, I learned a lot about strategy fromTwitter. Without Twitter, we wouldn't have a constant stream of live updates flowing through our newsfeed to keep us informed on the latest BB drama. Without Twitter, we also wouldn't have #BeckyUpdate, the hilarious Big Brother hashtag that started to poke fun at Becky's conspicuous absence from the live feeds (and the official Big Brother episodes).

#BeckyUpdate is one of the most amusing Big Brother hashtags out there, second only to #SteveHoldingThings. If you haven't seen what #BeckyUpdate is all about yet, then you need to get on top of your Twitter game and check it out. It just might convert you to Team Becky (a Team which would be significantly less prominent if not for #BeckyUpdate).

Whether Becky is Swiffering, using a potato in weird ways, or telling stories about a toenail that fell off when she was a kid, #BeckyUpdate is never boring. Well, maybe it is boring and that's exactly why it's funny. Either way, I guarantee that these 18 hilarious Becky Updates are sure to make you giggle.

Becky Snacks

Becky loves pita.

Becky Gets Snubbed


Becky Waxes Philosophic

'Shipping Becks and Johnny Mac so hard right now.

Becky Snacks Again

Crackers 4 dayz.

Becky Causes #Pizzagate

Sorry, Audrey.

Becky Joins An Alliance!

It only took her for weeks.

Becky Can't Make Pizza

Did she give the burnt pizza to Audrey? That's the real question.

Becky Is A Fan of Headboards

Only real men have headboards.

Becky Gets a New Fan

Even if Becky loses BB, I would be willing to bet she'll still have a lifetime pass for free breadsticks at Olive Garden.

Becky's Potato Makes a Comeback

All hail Becky's potato.

Becky Exists

Yay, validation!

Becky Can't Be Imitated

She's one of a kind.

Becky Shares Her Dating Preferences

It takes a lot to please this lady.

Beck Tells A Story

R.I.P., Becky's toenail.

Becky Busts A Move

MJ would be so proud.

Becky Stays Hydrated

Becky loves that H2O.

Becky Talks Social Media

Becky needs to step up her social media game.

Becky Makes Some Strange Noises

Another Becky Vine for the win.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS