Will Jason Live With His Mother After 'BB17'?

As the housemates face their final few weeks in the Big Brother house, I am starting to wonder what their lives will look like when they go home. Especially Jason — like, for instance, will Jason still live with his mother after spending the summer in the Big Brother house?

It must be a bizarre thing, really, to go from being watched every second of every day to having all the freedom in the world again — no live feeds, no eviction ceremonies, and no cameras following him around 24/7. Will he return to his life as it was before, or will he be inspired to switch things up?

Don’t get me wrong. Jason has a pretty sweet set-up from what he showed viewers during the first episode of Season 17. His room is basically the entire basement of his mom’s house, and it’s totally tricked out in Big Brother-style bright colors and loud patterns. In fact, this might be indication that going back to living with his mom will be the perfect transition back into real life!

But ,where Jason lives really depends on one thing: Whether or not he wins Big Brother this season. Because I’m sure that if he walks away with $500,000, he will not be moving back in with his mother anytime soon. My guess is that he’d kiss that basement and his grocery-bagging job goodbye, and take his personality on the road.

Because even if Jason doesn’t win Big Brother, it’s possible that his charm and amazing character will carry over into some other venture, like Jeff and Jordan from Seasons 11 and 13. Granted, Jordan won Season 11 — but they both lost Season 13, and are still huge stars in the reality world. Most recently, they appeared in Marriage Bootcamp .

So, I could totally see Jason taking his new reality star career and running with it. Hosting gigs, Big Brother reappearances, and even other reality television shows. If he does go this route, chances are he won’t be moving back in with his mother.

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