Here's Who Should Win 'Big Brother 17'

by Sally Mercedes

With one more Eviction Night over, and Big Brother 17's Jeff headed home this week, it leaves me wondering where all the other houseguests stand. Will Audrey be safe another week? Will the house continue shuffling around alliances? There's another week to go before the next eviction, and it feels like a good time to consider where the game is headed. So, which Big Brother houseguest is going to win, and which one will be evicted?

We’re likely due for a double eviction soon, and many fans think it’s likely to happen next week. And, with the Twin Twist still at play, Julia would be able to enter the game separately from her sister Liz after five evictions. Keeping this in mind, it’s fun to consider what’s in store, and I definitely have a preference for how things might go. After Thursday's eviction, there are now 13 houseguests and 12 weeks left, and so much more competition, conniving, and growing paranoia to watch, whether on the live feeds or on the show.

So, in a perfect world, here's how I would want things to stack up. Although, with wildcards Shelli and Liz as HoHs, it really can go any way from here on out.

Week 4

I’d like to see Jackie go sooner rather than later, and she seems like an easy target. Assuming next week is a double eviction, another easy target is probably heading home, and that’s Audrey.

Week 5

With five evictions down, Liz and Julia will both be in the game, and I think Julia will be the first to go. Being known as the anti-social twin is not really helping her out here.

Assuming all of this is right and they have a jury of nine again this year, that means the following houseguests are at least making it to the BB17 jury: Austin, Becky, Clay, James, Jason, John, Liz, Meg, Shelli, Steve, and Vanessa. Now it gets interesting. I’m going to assume that no jury members are invited back into the game, just to keep things simple.

Week 6

In Season 5’s Twin Twist, Natalie and Adria were evicted back to back and it’s hard to think of a scenario in which that would be different this time around. Liz is out of the house.

Week 7

This one's a toss-up between Meg and James. I’m going with James this week based solely off of Derrick’s win last year and how paranoid the HGs get about keeping people who are in it to win the money for something as compelling as their children.

Week 8

Unless she’s got some magic up her sleeve and starts winning comps like whoa, if Meg makes it to jury, that’s where her road likely ends.

Week 9

I have a hard time imagining anyone taking John to the end, and as alliances splinter and reform in the last few weeks, he’ll be a casualty.

Week 10

As much as I’d love to see Austin in the final four, Clay having Shelli on his side gives him the edge. I love you, Austin!

Week 11

Somehow in my scenario, Becky is still playing the game. Yeah, I'm shocked too. That attitude is probably exactly what she’s hoping for to keep her in the house this long. But, I can’t justify you winning, Becky, so you’ve gotta go.

Final Four

I don’t think anybody would let Clay and Shelli go to the end together. Clay’s gone.

Top Three

There is no indication right now that this would ever, ever happen, but I would love to see Steve, Vanessa, and Shelli make the top three. Bye, Jason.

Big Brother 17 Winner & Runner-Up

I’m pulling for Steve or Shelli to win this thing. And, unless Steve channels his inner Ian and ups his game soon (please, Steve, pleeeeeease), Shelli's taking it.

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