What Is Big Brother's Vanessa's Day Job?

So far on this season of Big Brother, Vanessa has been an excellent player. She has great strategic ideas, knows how to read people, and can even make the week go her way without actually getting any blood on her hands. And I'm not at all shocked by her abilities given that Vanessa Rousso is actually a professional poker player. She has honed these skills to bluff her way through card games, so it makes complete and total sense for her to apply them to a manipulative game like Big Brother. The girl seriously knows what she's doing. But I do have to wonder if she has another job outside of poker. I don't mean for financial reasons, especially since she has earned more than $4.5 million in prize money, I just think that since large scale poker tournaments aren't held everyday, it's likely that she has another, more consistent gig — a day job, to put it simply.

The answer is actually no. Vanessa does not have a "day job" per se. She actually has more of a "night job" as a professional DJ. In fact, that's what she's been telling her Big Brother housemates is her job, because admitting to being a poker player would definitely make her a major target in the house.

From the way Vanessa explains the intricacies of learning how to DJ in the video above, I can see how those skills apply to her being a success on Big Brother just as much as her poker profession. This just furthers my claim that Vanessa is definitely someone to watch on Big Brother 17 as a major threat.

You can even check out her official SoundCloud page if you want to hear some Vanessa's music. I wouldn't be shocked if Vanessa's Big Brother fame helps her become just as famous of a DJ as she is a poker player. For more on her gameplay, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast.

Image: CBS