Twizzlering Is A Delicious Way To Prank Friends

There's a few classic Internet challenges all of which vary in levels of hilarity, safety and feasibility. We recently saw Twitter users partake in the Charlie Charlie challenge, where they essentially used popsicle sticks to make a ouija board. Well, now we're on the Twizzlering challenge. Here's how it works: Your friend falls asleep. You see how many Twizzlers you can get into his mouth without him waking up. You wait with baited breath to see if he wakes up. You think you won't be able to add too many more... but then you have faith in yourself, you show perseverance and you get a 10 full Twizzlers in his mouth. And he's still sound asleep. So, you continue. See where I'm going with this?

Well, these friendly kids taking a road trip are doing it (Twizzlering, that is), and the Internet's catching on. I tried to count how many Twizzlers Micah had in his mouth at the very end and I honestly couldn't. So, that says something.

It should be noted that Twizzlers (the brand) probably isn't endorsing this challenge. In fact, there's definitely some sort of choking hazard that can and should be associated with "Twizzlering." So tread safely, fellow humans of the internet, because this is how it's done:

It starts off small:

And then you go bigger:

And then you go all the way and put a few in their glasses for good measure:

Watch the full video and see how the saga plays out:

If you're going to try this, please do it with an awake person who is equipped to assist you if anything goes wrong. Or spare me the anxiety attack, and just eat the Twizzlers the way they were intended to be eaten. (Which is obviously by using it as a straw for an alcoholic bev.)

Images: YouTube(4)