Cindy Crawford To Produce Show About '80s Modeling

Looks like Cindy Crawford is switching places from in front of the camera to behind. Cindy Crawford is producing a TV series about the modeling industry in the '80s, and I can't wait to see it. Crawford is as relevant today as she has ever been. Her Pepsi commercials are still iconic and her daughter has made headlines recently for following in her footsteps. With all of the experience she has (she was discovered during her teenage years and has been in the industry for nearly thirty years!), Crawford is probably one of the most knowledgable about the industry, so this TV series makes total sense.

It wasn't too long ago that Crawford explained to the London Evening Standard that she believes the heyday of modeling is over and so are the days of the supermodel. Her comments early this year definitely had some weight to them. After all, she was one of the original supermodels, and she's incredibly aware of what goes on in the modeling industry. With movie stars and musicians nabbing covers of magazines and reality stars getting ad campaigns, models are steadily becoming less and less present. However, models like Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss are proving that maybe another heyday of modeling is on the rise, and there's a chance that Crawford is about to revamp the industry in her own way.

Crawford is set to produce a new television series centering on the modeling industry during the 1980s which were often considered when the real heyday of modeling began. The series will focus on the competition between Elite Model Management and Ford Models, but it will refrain from directing mentioning the names of these agencies and their models since this is total fiction— kind of since we already know about the days of '80s modeling. At the moment, Crawford won't be appearing onscreen and will stick with production, but we can't wait to see if any of her fellow supermodel friends make cameos.

Images: Cindy Crawford/Instagram (2)