Your Fave 'GoT' 'Ship Says A Lot About You

Love in the time of Westeros is not easy. Actually, every relationship there is pretty much doomed from the start. Beheadings, unrequited crushes, and forbidden loves stand in the way of happy endings. Still, I find myself falling for all sorts of impossible loves on Game of Thrones. I think most viewers have at least one Game of Thrones ship that they love blindly, and I am a firm believer that your favorite Game of Thrones ship can tell you a little something about yourself. After all, is anything more telling than who you love?

Before we get started, I would like to establish that this is a judgement-free zone. Game of Thrones has its share of controversial ships (Jaime/Cersei) and ships that consist of lots of longing looks and absolutely zero makeouts (Jorah/Dany), but they all count. In the world of Westeros, love is a rare and beautiful thing. I embrace it in all of its forms because it offers a nice reprieve from all the sadness, violent murders, and wars. Check out your favorite ship below and see what it says about your personality. While mutishippers do exist (I will raise my hand on that one), I believe everyone loves one ship just a little bit more than the others. Whether it is Ned and Catelyn who warm the cockles of your heart or Loras and Renly, your shipping tastes say a lot about you.

Ned & Catelyn

You value stability and home above all else. Being around your loved ones makes you feel safe and happy in a way that nothing else does. You enjoy comfort food, happy endings, and if you were a hobbit, you never would have left the shire. You are the peacekeeper in your family and your squad.

Jaime & Cersei

There are no rules you are unwilling to break. For you, passion trumps everything else in life. You are a risk-taker who thrives on adrenaline and testing your limits. As far as you are concerned, social norms are meant to be challenged.

Jorah & Dany

Unrequited love is your jam. A true romantic, your favorite author is Jane Austen and you are always daydreaming. You always champion the underdog, no matter what the odds are.

Robb & Talisa

You put love above all else. Even if it means there will be consequences, you let your heart guide you whenever you have to make an important decision. You are deeply in touch with your emotions, and fiercely loyal.

Grey Worm & Missandei

Responsible and practical, you rarely ever let yourself do anything too risky. That doesn't mean you don't seize a beautiful moment when you see one though. Beneath your serious facade is someone who melts every time you see Casablanca.

Jon & Ygritte

You live in the moment. Everyday is full of new possibilities in your eyes. You're no Pollyanna though, you know that bad things can and will happen. You just won't let negative thinking stop you from enjoying everything life has to offer.

Loras & Renly

You are playful, kind, and ambitious. When it comes to love, you go all in, making you an amazing partner. You heart is easily broken though, and when someone goes after the people you love, you show off your warrior side.

Tyrion & Shae

Politically-minded, it is hard sometimes for you to focus on the more emotional side of life. When you do let yourself get close to another person you balance devotion with your own self-interest because you know you have to watch your own back. If someone betrays you, you are quick to cut them out of your life.

Gendry & Arya

Still young at heart, nothing gets to you quite like a first love story. You don't go in for the mushy, Valentine's stuff. You are all about finding someone who appreciates you just as you are — sarcastic, quick-tempered, and protective.

Khal Drogo & Dany

You believe in making the best out of a bad situation. By not letting life get you down, you remain open to beautiful and unexpected experiences. You believe everything happens for a reason.

Jaime & Brienne

It took you a long time to realize how awesome you are. Sometimes old insecurities still creep to the surface, but that's why you surround yourself with people who love and appreciate your unique sensibilities.

Sam & Gilly

You have a gentle heart and it is easy for people to take advantage of your good nature. You often let it happen because you see the good in everyone. Your positivity carries everyone around you through tough times.

Trystane & Myrcella

You are unapologetic about your romanticism. When it comes to life, you believe that everyone deserves to live happily ever after. You still love all the old Disney movies and hold out hope for even the most impossible things.

Oberyn & Ellaria

With a fiery spirit and an open heart, you believe in equality, justice, and never judging people based on their lifestyle. You are a fierce and courageous person, and while you find it hard to settle down, you do have a partner in crime you wouldn't trade for the whole world.

If you made it through all these ships without sobbing because they are super doomed, congrats. Hopefully, your fave told you a little about your own personality and let you remember the precious few happy times Game of Thrones ever offered up.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; the-lady-catelyn/Tumblr; mikasaharuno007/Tumblr; highwarlock-magnusbane/Tumblr; theflavourofyourlips/Tumblr; continued-calm/Tumblr; Giphy (9)