So, Is 'Space Jam 2' Happening?

You don't have to be a fan of basketball to know that LeBron James has had one hell of an off-season. The 30-year-old NBA superstar totally impressed critics with his hilarious portrayal of well, himself, in Amy Schumer's highly anticipated debut film Trainwreck. Now, after what feels like endless game of "Will he or won't he?" LeBron James is teasing Space Jam 2 ... and though the project remains unconfirmed, it's enough to get excited over.

The subject arose during a Twitter chat on Tuesday. According to US Weekly, a fan asked James about his rumored role in the unconfirmed flick, and he responded, "Maybe.......," followed by, "Guess we'll just have to wait and see. #LooneyToonsRock."

OK, so the suspense and those overdone ellipses are killing me. They’re also suggesting that James could indeed take over where Michael Jordan left off with the original Space Jam by bringing us some more superhuman/animated character interaction — if this project happens. Sequels tend to be scary territory, especially since it’s been over 20 years since the original Space Jam hit theaters, but James starring in this movie would make it so worth it.

While Space Jam 2 would be a heavy responsibility if it actually happens, athletes of James' stature are already well-acquainted with performing in high pressure situations. Here six reasons why James would be the obvious pick for the starring role in this projectL

1. He Already Has A Massive Following

Never will you see a bunch of adults (who haven't already been persuaded by their children) rush the theaters to see an animated film like they will if James lands Space Jam 2.

2. Space Jam 2 Fits His Image

No one's perfect, but James has not been the subject of any sordid scandals (sports-related or otherwise). He's also a family man, which will definitely mesh well with audiences attracted to a family-friendly animated film. (In October, the married father of three welcomed a baby girl with his wife, Savannah.)

3. His Appearance In Trainwreck Totally Wasn't A Trainwreck

In fact, James received high praises for his performance in the romantic comedy.

4. His Space Jam Tweet Reference Is On Point

I mean.

Just look at that.

5. He Has Some Serious Swag

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that James carries himself like a king — which is bound to work to his advantage as the star of a film.

6. It Could Silence The Haters

For as many people who believe the basketball superstar is a Space Jam shoo-in, there are some who say James shouldn't star in a Space Jam sequel. These naysayers are probably on the bottom of his priority list (as they should be) but there'd surely be no sweeter revenge than actually starring in this rumored project.

So, can this project actually happen, already?

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