You Can Help Sam Dubose's Family

The video has been released, the indictment has been announced, but there's no doubt that the story of Sam DuBose is far from over. As the DuBose family and the Cincinnati community begin to heal, tensions run high and many questions remain. Will the family receive the justice they want? How can we prevent these tragedies in the future? Amidst all the chaos, it's important to know that there are ways to help Sam DuBose's family.

DuBose was killed after University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing shot him in the head during a traffic stop on July 19. On Wednesday, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deter said that Tensing would face murder charges and revealed the much-awaited body camera footage from the tragic incident. Since DuBose's death, his family has wanted answers. Audrey DuBose, Sam's mother, made an emotional plea for information following a memorial service on Tuesday.

I want justice for my son. I ask for answers, nobody has given me anything.

Now that the video footage has been released, the DuBose family — and the community as a whole — has many of these answers. But there is still a long way to go in terms of settling the case and remembering DuBose.

Like we've seen in places like Ferguson and Baltimore, one way that people are keeping the story alive is through protest. Black Lives Matter Cincinnati planned a rally for Wednesday night, to follow the prosecutor's announcement. A statement from organizers, who planned the event before the announcement was made, said that the event would occur "regardless of what we hear from the prosecutor's office."

If you're in Cincinnati, an easy way to show your support is to attend an event like this (police expect them to continue). If you're not in Cincinnati, try one of these ways to show your support.

Donate To The Memorial Fund

A GoFundMe page called Sam DuBose Memorial Fund has raised more than $2,400 from 66 people in just eight days. Although Bustle can't confirm for sure, the page appears to have been set up by DuBose's sister, Terina, and another member of the family, a woman named Na'Kiima Reid. The page is filled with donations and encouraging messages for the family. According to the description, the donations will go toward a tombstone and burial services.

Keep Up On Social Media

For more information on events and ways to help, you can like Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati on Facebook to learn about future events regarding the Sam DuBose tragedy. Another group that is organizing events and talking about the story is UC (University of Cincinnati) Students Against Injustice. These channels are likely to keep the conversation going as we learn more information and ask more questions. Contribute to the conversation on your own by attending an event or sharing your thoughts on social media.

Keep It Peaceful

The DuBose family also wants people to remain peaceful in remembering Sam. At a press conference on Wednesday following the indictment announcement, the DuBose family attorney, Mark O'Mara, encouraged protestors and activists to refrain from violence.

We want to make sure, and the family is firmly behind that, though we understand the concerns in the community, we want those reactions to be peaceful. ... We want [Sam's] memory to remain in tact as a peaceful person and we do not want any violence, any anger to come out in a way that denigrates who he was.