Austin & Liz Kiss On 'BB17' & Everyone Cringes

Many moons ago, on Big Brother 16, we watched Caleb put a pickle inside of a banana to win Amber over. Well, wegraduated to actual physical contact on Big Brother 17 when Austin kissed Liz on Wednesday's show, and holy moley if I could get one of those eye wash stations from high school and rinse my eyeballs out for the rest of time, it still wouldn't be enough to get the image out of my mind. Because Austin, Judas, whatever you want to be called, get a clue. She's not into you, so stop pushing yourself on her!

The kiss itself was out of this world uncomfortable. Not enough Clay Honeycutts sans-shirt, post-BoB competition could bring me back to life after watching Austin kiss Liz in bed. The two were laying in bed — snuggling, as Austin described it — when Austin began to get a little handsy with Liz. Girlfriend did just about everything in her power to avoid anything further, even counting cars that "she never noticed" in the room. But to no avail, Austin grabbed her face and kissed her.

The Diary Room confessionals were really the highlight of the entire scene. They went a little something like this (I'm paraphrasing, of course):

Liz: Austin is my bestie. I love hanging with him but am not interested in him romantically.

Austin: I love hanging and snuggling with Liz. And I also love Liz.

Liz: I didn't like the kiss.

Austin: The kiss was the best. I hope there's more where that came from. (An actual line.)

You can watch the kiss in the video below, but again, it is awkward.

So Austin, my man, you need to pump the brakes. Liz is not into you. She doesn't want you to be kissing her. She wants to exchange a friendship bracelet with you, and that's about it.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS