Liz Is Going To Ruin Austin's 'BB17' Game

Just when I thought Austin was a good player on Big Brother, he goes and suggests that he'd choose love over money. Come on, Austin. This is Big Brother. If you were looking for love, go on The Bachelor or something. You're here to win money, my man! Austin's love for Liz on Big Brother — yes, I went there and said the "L-word," because he did — and his showmance with her is potentially going to cost him his game. That's the worst reason to go home on Big Brother. (Actually, throwing a microphone into the pool is the worst way to go home, Chima, but this is close.)

Now, Austin is someone who clearly wears his heart on his sleeve. (Or lack there of.) On Thursday's show, Austin said in the Diary Room that he "falls in love too easy." WHOA, Austin. Are you saying you're in love with Liz? Do you even know which one is Liz and which one is Julia without them telling you? After Austin admitted he falls in love too easily, he caught Liz and Jeff laying in bed talking. You know when Bruce Banner is about to turn into The Hulk? That was Austin, except he was turning into Judas.

Judas — or Austin, who knows — later spoke to Liz about how she was laying in bed with Jeff. He didn't like it. At all. (This is where I want to reach through the screen and shake Austin for being overly possessive.) He admits in the Diary Room that he could sacrifice his Big Brother game to fill the "emptiness in his heart," which I'm sure the girlfriend at home he's mentioned really loved to hear.

Austin, you've really got to get your head in the game. You're there to win Big Brother, and if you find love along the way — great. But, don't forget why you came into this house. Don't let Liz deter you. And, for the love of all things good in this world (Clay), stop acting so possessive over the twins.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS