FYI: Jim Gilmore Is Not From 'Gilmore Girls'

Republican Jim Gilmore — a former Virginia governor, a board member for the National Rifle Association, and an Army vet — announced Wednesday that he's running for president, but people have struggled with really nailing down who exactly he is. Gilmore may not be the most high-profile candidate (especially in a field of 17 Republicans), but apparently there are more than a few people who don't even think he's a real person at all. Sorry folks, Gilmore isn't from Gilmore Girls, but these Twitter users are having fun with the joke anyway.

As lucky as Gilmore would be to live in Stars Hollow and frequent Luke's diner with the best of them, he is actually from the very non-Stars Hollow-esque city of Richmond, Virginia. And while I'm sure Richard and Emily Gilmore would happily campaign for their pal Jimmy (or at least throw him a stellar dinner party), he sadly has never even been obligated to attend a Friday night dinner at their house. Also, if Gilmore were on Gilmore Girls, he'd find himself quite out-of-place at the annual Harvard-Yale pre-game sesh; he went to UVA for both his undergraduate and law degrees.

If Gilmore incorporates anything from the show into his campaign, let's hope it's not Taylor Doose's style of governing (although I would love to attend a Gilmore Girls-style town hall meeting once). And if he somehow has any input in the potential show reunion, I hope he brings back the Life and Death Brigade. But myself and others will just have to resign to wishing Gilmore was actually related to our favorite mother-daughter pair. (#TeamLogan.)