Mia Wasikowska's 'Tracks' Gets a New Trailer & It Will Make You Cry

If you watch this movie, you will likely cry. That is, if the trailer for Tracks , starring Mia Wasikowska, is any indication of what the film will bring. The tears may come when the main character leaves her family behind. It might be when she dances with Aborigines. Or it might be when she returns from her journey a new woman. Hell, it could be all of the above, but one things for sure: You + This Film = Movie Theater Tears.

But before you buy your one-way ticket to catharsis in advance, hear a little bit more about what Tracks is all about. The film is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson, a woman who in 1977 set off on a 1,700 mile journey across the Austrailian desert with three camels and her dog. Davidson agreed to write an article about her travels for National Geographic and after it's success decided to write the entire story as a book, Tracks.

Mia Wasikowska plays Davidson and looks perfect for the role. She seems spirited in the way one would have to be to make such a journey and, apparently, she takes well to looking extremely sunburnt. We see from the trailer that a lot of people shoot Davidson's idea down before she takes off across the desert, but once she's traveling she looks truly free. So free that she goes topless. (I imagine being topless alone in a desert would be extremely liberating. But also absolutely terrifying!) That's where the inspirational aspect comes in. This girl is fearless (did you see that snake?!) and while viewers won't necessarily want to go on a nine month long journey after seeing it, they'll definitely re-evaluate their own inhibitions and goals.

Tracks obviously focuses on Wasikowska's character, but Girls' Adam Driver also appears as National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan, with whom Davidson had an on-and-off relationship. Driver sounds exactly like his Girls' character which shouldn't be surprising seeing as it's his actual voice, but it makes it easy to picture him saying "Wanna let me ride one of those camels, kid?" Anyway, if you're into that, there's another reason to see the movie.

The whole being-super-inspirational thing should be enough though. There's just something about seeing people achieve great things that can really get you emotional. Plus, Tracks just looks totally epic. Just watch the trailer below and try to tell me you don't wanna get out in the world and do something. Or at least want to experience outdoor secluded toplessness.

Tracks will open in Australia March 6, 2014. The film does not yet have an American release date.

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