Marge Is The Tall-Woman Boutique You've Waited For

It's not surprising that being on the high and low end of the height spectrum is difficult when it comes to finding clothing. But those on the high end can now rejoice — there's a boutique just for tall women. That's right, according to The Cut, fashion designer Kaersten Cooper has created an online clothing line, called Marge, that focuses on women who are 5'9 or taller.

Though tall women themselves already know that it can be really difficult to find clothing that suits their frames, Cooper explained to The Cut that it's actually true, and you're definitely not crazy if all of the pants you try on barely graze your ankles.

"The tall woman’s market is truly a niche market, like petites," Cooper says. "Patterns are typically generated for the average height of the U.S. woman, which is 5’4”, and in Europe, somewhere around 5’6." That means the next time you try on a shirt, and it somehow always looks like a crop top, you know why — even if you go up a size to get a longer length, the overall cut of each item is designed for someone possibly a lot shorter than you.

And trust me — as a tall female myself, I totally get it. So, enjoy some tall-person fashion, and take a look at some pieces from Marge's Fall collection below:

Naja Crepe Pleated Skirt, $525

Finally, a knee-level skirt that actually hits your knee. This skirt will definitely make you want to try the risky yet trendy all-white-for-summer look.

Anja Satin Flounce Dress, $795

I personally love this form-fitting plum dress, which would highlight your curves and show off your elongated body. Definitely a style inspiration for fall.

Amanda Tapered Wool Crop Pant, $425

A black crop pant is basically a wardrobe staple, and I'm sure tall women will be far from disappointed with Marge's take (hint: they definitely won't be too short).

Elin Textured Jaquard Jacket , $1,395

One of the most avant garde looks from the Marge collection, this jacket boasts a loud, statement-worthy print that may be tricky to pull off, but would for sure make your outfit stand out.

Cooper's designs are chic and luxurious, which means (you guessed it) also on the high end price-wise. Marge items range from around 200 dollars to over a grand, and are definitely made for the tall woman looking to buy designer-level clothes. That being said, there are definitely some pieces that will make you look like a million bucks. If this store is over your price range, check out these other tall girl-friendly stores.

Images: Courtesy Brand