Perez Hilton's 'Gay Dads of New York' Reality TV Show Won't Be "Trashy or Boring." Um, What?

Based off this title alone, I expect lots of catty fights and table flipping antics — so please, Bunim/Murray, do not let me down here. In press release today, the production company behind shows like Project Runway, The Real World, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians is producing a new reality series that everyone will probably watch in private and pretend to hate in public (like any good reality show): Gay Dads of New York , starring Perez Hilton.

According to the release, the series will follow Hilton — who "just became a single father" — as he, and a group of other gay single and married fathers, navigate fatherhood and "support each other through the ups and downs of raising children. "What is your typical American family like? These days, it looks a lot like mine! I am honored and excited to bring to television a show that will be filled with love, humor and drama," Hilton said of the series in a statement. "What will it not be? Trashy or boring!" Damnit.

"I am thrilled to have partnered with the leaders and innovators of reality television, Bunim/Murray, to create a program that is compelling and real...This show will give viewers the opportunity to get to know the 'real' Perez Hilton and my family, as well as some other really dynamic gay dads, and the women that make up their support system." So, does that mean this show won't explain his whole feud with Lady Gaga?

Apparently, Bunim/Murray is currently casting single dads to appear on the series in Hilton's support group, so if you're based in NYC or know anyone in NYC...go crazy.

No word yet on when we should expect this show to hit the airwaves, but it should be some time next year.