Kiesza Designs Bad Bunch NYC Collection

Because of her quirky yet super definitive look, I am stoked that Kiesza has designed a collection for Bad Bunch NYC, serving as the guest creative designer. Her street style is mad unusual and enviable. The Canadian artist rocks these amazing, I Love Lucy-style red curls, which are often piled high atop her head. She pairs her classic, '50s inspo 'do with grungy fashions. She rocks fanny packs and flannel. Are you in love yet?

Here's the intel on Kiesza x Bad Bunch NYC. The range consists of 51 pieces, although only seven pieces were initially planned. Things ballooned due to the singer's broad, expansive ideas. That's no surprise, once you peep her personal style.

According to Women's Wear Daily, it was Kiesza's goal to infuse a feminine perspective and touch into a brand known for its masculinity and its prints-driven sportswear pieces.

Kiesza's collection hits stores on August 6. It will also be available on Bad Bunch NYC's website. You can catch a sneak peek on the landing page.

So that's something to look forward to. If you're not yet following Kiesza on Instagram, then do yourself a favor and throw her a follow. Now. Her hair and her street chic threads will provide endless inspo if you are a curly-haired lovely or if your style could use a dose of quirk.

Here are nine of Kiesza's most awesome IG street style shots.

1. Big Hair, Don't Care

She embraces the frizz. I love the color and the volume of her hair.

2. Mixed Prints

Mixed prints are tricky to pull off. But Kiesza's grungy flannel and shiny leggings are crazy unique.

3. Fanny Packin'

Fanny Packs were so uncool for so long, and maybe they still are. But Kiesza paired hers with shredded black jeans and an oversized top. Aren't the Packs the victim of a bad rep? They are really functional. No? Maybe?

4. Matchy Matchy

The singer matched her matte red lips to her hair and her flannel. It is all so coordinated without being precious or cheesier than Velveeta.

5. Call The Doc

Those boots are made for walking, dancing, and butt kicking, Kiesza-style.

6. Over It

Overalls aren't my thing, but they are definitely Kiesza's.

7. Black No. 1

Kiesza went all black, with her lipstick, her bra, and her liner. When she does monochromatic, it never feels overdone or snoozy.

8. Glamsual

Even when glamsual in a sweatshirt, Kiesza comes off as high fashion and street. It could be that hair. Love that hair.

9. Stripes + Flannel

These two patterns don't usually go together. So why does it look so effortlessly awesome on Kiesza? It's her vibe, yo!

There's so much more where that came from. If you are all about breaking fashion rules in favor of being quirky cool, then start stanning Kiesza's IG feed. Shop her Bad Bunch NYC range, too.

Images: Kiesza/Instagram (9)