'Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch Has Had The Most Hilarious Week Ever

We've still got almost a month until the glory of Sherlock returns to us, which means we've still got almost a month of justifiably freaking out every time Benedict Cumberbatch does things (though let's be real, we're gonna continue on that for a while). Cumberbatch is promoting The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug right now — in which he is, yes, Smaug. This means he's doing stuff like answering questions on Twitter and, oh, also pinching Martin Freeman's butt on the red carpet.

Cumberbatch's #AskSmaug Q&A on Twitter in Tuesday yielded some cuteness, so let's start there.

On if he'd rather fly or have fire breath:

Fly. Fly. Fly. [...] And maybe fart fire while flying. To fly faster.

Referencing the prank Simon Pegg played on him on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness :

Q: Which felt weirder on your face? Neuron cream or motion capture dots.A: Neutron cream... better for your skin ;)

On Sherlock co-star (and Hobbit star) Martin Freeman's sass:

Q: Who would win in a sass-off? Smaug or Martin? ....can dragons give the middle claw?A: Martin, obviously. Smaug gets pretty clumsy in a rage until he flies. Then, I suppose he might have time to give the birdy.

And on Freeman's personality:

Smart. Original. Mod

In response to this Benedict Cumberbatch cupcake:

An astonishing addition to the edible collection. One day, I will have to eat myself.

But you know what's even better than this Q&A? The fact that, while on the red carpet at the premiere for Desolation Of Smaug, he drove-by-butt-pinched one of Martin Freeman's interviews. Then gave him the finger.

Here's video:

And some GIFs that show a little bit more of the action.

Oh, and here are some flashback Gifs to when he did the same thing to Colin Firth a while back:

A pretty solid habit to have if you ask me.

And did we mention his elaboration on those "cheekbone polishing" parties with Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith that he referenced in his Reddit AMA a few months back? "It happens all the time," he told MTV. "People just don't get to hear about it. It's a very private thing."

Even better than all of that? A new Sherlock Season 3 still! Including John, Sherlock, AND (spoiler alert but really not at all) MARY MORSTAN, played by Martin Freeman's real-life life partner and Sherlock fandom goddess Amanda Abbington.

Less than a month, people. Let's do this.

Image: Twitter, BBC, Tumblr