See More Looks From Melissa McCarthy Seven7

One thing has been made clear: Melissa McCarthy totally gets the whole body positivity thing. Based on the photos of Melissa McCarthy Seven7 line that have just been released, the collection will not only cater to all women, it'll also be ultra fashionable to boot! The collection proves to be fun and bold, giving women what they want and need when it comes to clothing.

These photos reveal 10 looks from the collection, which ranges from size 4 to 28 because “people don’t stop at a size 12,” McCarthy told More magazine. See what I mean about her just getting it? Now all I need to get is these clothes in my wardrobe — and pronto!

From the images, it’s apparent that this collection is a mix of playful prints and staple items. “I just wanted to do a basic closet that I couldn’t find,” the actress told Vogue. She’s been able to have some fun and inject her style and personality into the line, all while providing cool clothes to women of all shapes and sizes. Experienced designers could stand to learn a thing or two from this debut line, if I do say so myself. Bow down to Melissa McCarthy, everyone.

I love the bold prints she's incorporated.

And how fun is this campaign?

A little bit serious, a little bit playful. Just like the actress herself!

Now who else is ready shop the line on September 1st?