Interracial Couples Get Real About Stereotypes

Recently, Complex shot a video that created a space for interracial couples to get real about stereotypes, and encouraged them to share what stereotypes they'd faced and how they'd dealt with them. Surprisingly, people can get pretty invasive when it comes to other people's relationships. For instance, one incredibly wack thing that happens when interracial couples get real about stereotypes? You hear a lot about sex expectations on either side. Like, apparently in the black community women are known for not enjoying giving oral sex, but white women are known for being enthusiastic about it. (I'm not kidding; that's a real stereotype someone shared, and that's just the tip of the sex iceberg.)

They hit on a few other stereotypes that I've truly never considered. For example, one guy shared that as a black man, if you were going to be attracted to what you saw within the realm of pop culture, that meant you sometimes pushed you to take an interest in white girls because that's who dominated the industry, especially when millennials were growing up. (Which apparently meant he was into Mandy Moore.) Opinions and experiences run all across the board, but the video is an incredibly insightful (and occasionally ~NSFW~) commentary on what couples face in interracial relationships, including:

The reaffirming moments

The appreciative moments

Some general hilarity

Watch the full video below:

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