Mountain Pong Is Beer Pong Taken To The Next Level, And There Is No Way Humanity Is Prepared — VIDEO

Once upon a time a 20-something dude got bored with beer pong. (I know, this is already sounding a lot like the guy you dumped in college, but stick with me.) Mike Rockwell was bored, and what he wanted was something more. Instead of resorting to flip cup, that weird boozy version of bloody knuckles, or rewinding to his freshman days and playing Kings, he decided to make up an alternative game. Enter: Mountain pong, the game that takes beer pong to the next level. (Or to new heights — there's really no shortage of jokes to make here.) It sounds like a really fun thing to bring to college. But I will admit it seems not unlike The Slip Cup, which keeps the beer in your pong cup clean. Put these two things together and you'd be set for collegiate life, though.

He's got a Kickstarter going to fundraise for Mountain Pong, which is essentially a contraption that elevates cups to make a raised pong set up. Because the cups have holders, there's no spillage. So far they have 219 backers and over $16,000 raised. Their goal is to raise $30,000.

Here's how it works:


It's multifaceted, as you can see:


This could be the game you're playing:


Mike Rockwell needs YOU (sweet college poster ref, brah) to help him meet his goal. Check out his Kickstarter below:

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