Kylie Jenner Calls Contouring "Crazy"

Kylie Jenner's makeup look is probably one of the most easily recognizable in Hollywood at the moment. Her matte lips, simple eye with loads of lashes, and flawless skin are coveted and recreated by hundreds of women. While I love the look, Kylie even calls contouring "crazy" from time to time, and I definitely agree with her.

Contouring has been a huge part of the Kardashian-Jenners' lives for a long time now. We have Jenner's older sister Kim Kardashian to thank for the contouring craze that has been sweeping social media. Whether it's through YouTube tutorials or quick Instagram posts, everyone seems intent on learning how to sculpt their face. Recently, contouring has taken on a few new looks. Beauty vlogger and makeup artist Esther Isabel Amado Romo posted a video to her YouTube channel where she gussied up her face to look like a clown before seamlessly blending in the look to complexion perfection. While the video was meant to be a commentary on the backlash she'd gotten for supposedly wearing too much makeup and looking like a clown, Romo was still able to blend away the poop emoji on her forehead— yes, an actual poop emoji— to create a gorgeous canvas.

While Jenner is certainly not getting clown contouring done in her latest Snapchat video, she's definitely still onboard with the popular technique that allows people to subtly reshape their face. However, Jenner does take a moment to note the absurdity of how the makeup looks before blending saying, "I look crazy," while getting her cheekbones carved out by her makeup artist.

Contouring is definitely one of those makeup skills that comes with a lot of practice. Clearly, Jenner is in good hands because her contour looked gorgeous by the end of the makeup session! The star was rocking her signature look, and no matter what people may say, I personally love Kylie's killer makeup game. Regardless of how you may feel about the teen, her makeup team knows what they're doing. Who cares if you may look a little crazy on the way there?

Images: Kylizzle.snapchat/Instagram (2)