Tory Burch Unveils Her Tory Sport Line

I don't know that anyone knows how to do prints quite like Tory Burch does—she's pretty much mastered the patterned silky look. And since she's taken the frontier of women's ready to wear, it's only natural she moves onto new territory. In this case, it's her Tory Sport line, which The New York Times got a first look at.

New York Times Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman writes about the first look she saw of the collection on Wednesday, and the reports are in: "First thought? She’s going to make a lot of money off this," she writes. From the photos, I agree, because I pretty much want everything, like the silky white pant with a red stripe, matching top and turtleneck, and comfy white slides. It's athleisure done right.

Though that look doesn't exactly scream "gym wear," her navy blue and red matching tracksuit does. According to Friedman, her line "has reflectivity, ball pockets (on tennis skirts), compression paneling, extra-opaque Lycra (take that, Lululemon), flat-lock seams, lock-pull zippers and seamless constructions." Sounds pretty beautiful and functional.

The line will range from $55 to $550, and will only be available online. So if you're looking to cop one of her pieces in her stores, womp womp, try again. However, there will be a stand-alone store that will live on 20th Street and Fifth Avenue.

While most of the pieces follow a theme of white, navy, and red, there's also pops of a road-map print pattern and some florals, according to Friedman. Overall, sounds pretty classic Tory, which has never failed me, at least. Tory Sport plans on releasing apparel for yoga, golf, running, and tennis, along with bags, shoes, and leather items.

Most notably, Friedman adds, is part of the collection that's solely dedicated to "coming and going," the idea of wearing the same thing to your yoga, pilates, spinning class, and more as to the office, or brunch with friends. Basically, it's a line that's seamless with your lifestyle, part of a new way of dressing that incorporates all aspects of your life.

That—I'm all about. Anytime I can get away with wearing a single outfit for each daily activity, sign me up. Especially if it's a flowy pant or breathable top.

Images: @abstractnytimes, @bigdemonskull/Twitter