Don't Expect To Find 'The Americans' On Netflix

If you love high-stakes drama, covert operations, and insane costume changes, then odds are you're a huge fan of FX's popular spy series The Americans . Not only does it star Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys — two absolute pros in the entertainment industry — but the show itself also never fails to leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering if this will be the time these super sleuths actually get caught. (But, of course, they never do… at least not yet.) It's easy to get addicted to such a series, which is why I'm sure many of you are probably wondering when The Americans Season 3 is going to appear on Netflix. And, unfortunately, the answer to that question is simply this: never.

OK, so maybe I shouldn't say never since Netflix and the FX series could eventually broker some sort of deal together, but as of now The Americans is not available for viewing on the streaming device in any way, shape, or form. So unless you're currently still signed up to receive the DVDs in the mail, your only other main option would be to sign up for Amazon Prime, which has streaming access to all three of its seasons. Does this stink for all of us mere Netflix users? Absolutely. But fear not, my friends. If Netflix is the only option you have available to you, there are plenty of other spy-type shows you could marathon in lieu of The Americans. Such as…

The Blacklist

A dangerous criminal helping the FBI to track down other dangerous criminals? That sounds like the kind of double agent, whose-side-is-he-really-on-type stuff that would be right up The Americans alley. Who needs Russian spies, after all, when you've got Raymond Reddington up on your screen?

House Of Cards

The corruption and greed of American politics is something that Philip and Elizabeth Jennings would be very interested in watching. In fact, if Netflix existed back then, I'm positive they'd be just as addicted to this political thriller as the rest of us are. If you aren't already watching it, I suggest you do so now.

The Fall

Murder. Intrigue. Living a double life. Alluding the FBI's clutches. Sound familiar? (You know, minus the whole murdering-innocent-women thing.)

White Collar

Because when you think about it, spies and con-men aren't really all that different. Both have a tendency to hide their true identities and conceal their underlying intentions. So if you always enjoy watching the Jennings' interact with their FBI neighbor, then you'll really love the budding bromance that gets explored between Neal and Peter. Trust me on this one.


The title pretty much speaks for itself with this one, right?


I mean, talk about super sleuths! Plus, when isn't it a good idea to watch this series? The game is on, folks!

Images: Craig Blankenhorn/FX; nbcblacklist/Tumblr; Giphy (5)