Could Hanna's Ex Travis Be Charles On 'PLL'?

I have a confession to make: when Caleb moved to Ravenswood, I totally started 'shipping Hanna and Travis on Pretty Little Liars . At the time, we hardly had a choice: Caleb was supposedly gone for good and would have been out of Hanna's life forever if Ravenswood had stayed on the air. Of course, now that Caleb is back, so is Haleb — and Travis was never seen or heard from again. It's an unfortunate circumstance for the Travis to be in, and even sadder for the fans who wanted to see more of his very good looking face even if it was no longer macking on Hanna's. Some fans, however, are suggesting that we might actually see more of him in Season 6, because Travis could be Charles DiLaurentis in disguise.

Let's talk this theory over, shall we? It might sound a bit far-fetched, but there are a few reasons to suspect that Travis could be the person behind the hoodie. The first thing is the most obvious: how he looks. Travis is blonde, blue eyed, and could definitely be Ali and Jason's brother by looks alone. The new character Rhys may be considered Jason's doppelganger, but Travis could very well be a male version of Ali herself. Just check out these photos:

I would definitely believe that these two are related by appearances alone, and Charles was shown in the home movie as having blonde hair and light eyes. As far as the age goes, if Charles has been faking his identity this entire time, it's not totally ludicrous to think that perhaps he was also faking his age. After all, doesn't every guy at Rosewood High look about 25 anyway? (I'm convinced that no one would be able to tell if there was some Never Been Kissed situation happening at this high school.)

Physically, Travis could totally fit the bill for Charles — but that doesn't mean that he is Charles. It's true that we haven't seen much of Travis since Caleb returned, but I don't think that's because he's out doing some dastardly deeds as A. Honestly, I think that Travis left the show because his role as Hanna's boo thing dried up — and no one on this show has time for yet another love triangle. That's Spencer and Toby's game, not Hanna and Caleb's.

Travis isn't a ridiculous person to add to your Charles suspect list, but ultimately, we know so little about this guy that learning he's the one who has been stalking the Liars would feel like a letdown. The Charles reveal should be mind-blowing, and Travis being Big A makes that sort of reaction impossible. For more theories and Haleb love, check out Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave.

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