This One Trick Will Make Your Phone Live Longer

We've got the best way to make your smart phone live longer, and unsurprisingly, it all has to do with the battery. When we think about preserving our phones, we spend so much of that time fretting about the perfect smart phone case and throwing our phones into rice — and don't get me wrong, all of those things are important too. But not nearly as important as following the proper charging and phone battery care instructions. Think of it this way: The phone battery is the heart of your phone. You can spend a lot of time grooming the phone and making sure the aesthetics are all set, but at the end of the day the phone needs to stay healthy. (Sorry for the casual phone personification. Just having an in-depth Her moment with my smartphone.)

Here’s the one thing you need to know to make your smartphone last:

Phones contain lithium-ion batteries that need to be well cared for. You should actually be keeping your battery around 50 percent as much as you possibly can. Charging it all the way to 100 percent is nice because of the ease it guarantees, but in order to maximize the lithium-ion battery, you should actually only be charging your phone fully once a month to extend your battery length. Keep your battery between 40 percent and 80 percent so you can charge accordingly.

Got it?


While we're on this subject, here are 4 other tips for making your smartphone last even longer:

1. Stop plugging in at every opportunity

You shouldn't be letting it get to 100 percent on the charger, as I said above. Let it get to 80 percent and don't overcharge every time, just because you're within reach of a charger. The battery should fluctuate, not always been floating near 100 percent.

2. Buy a screen protector, or a case that comes with one, to prevent the heartbreak of a broken screen

Otter Boxes and Life Proof cases come with a screen protector. But most shock proof cases that just have bumpers do not. Screen protectors are an inexpensive addition (about $10 on Amazon) and will save your beautiful glass screen.

3. Close unnecessary apps, so you're not running down your battery for no reason

I'm always surprised to learn that people don't know how to close their apps. (Which is hypocritical, because for a while I didn't either.) Double tap on your center button and all your screens will appear. Swipe them upward and they're closed. The fewer apps you have running, the more battery life you're saving.

4. Keep your phone away from extreme temperatures

If you're getting the "iPhone needs to cool down" warning, that's not a good thing. Your phone should ideally be operating between 32 degrees and 95 degrees.

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