Check Out This New Alexander McQueen Film

The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit has had a majorly successful run at the Victoria & Albert Museum, so much so that the museum opened up the show twenty-four hours a day for the final few weeks, but all good things must end. To celebrate the conclusion of Savage Beauty, SHOWStudio's Nick Knight released a previously unreleased Alexander McQueen video featuring some of his most iconic designs.

Knight was one of McQueen's longtime collaborators, often working with him and their joint muse Kate Moss to create the dark yet ethereal aesthetic that became the designer's signature. This short film is a compilation of previously unused and unseen footage that Knight shot in 2010, right before McQueen's suicide, and dug out of his archives to create this pieced together tribute.

McQueen's successor Sarah Burton also helped to create the piece, selecting some of the designer's most celebrated garments to appear alongside the archival footage, including his famed duck feather dress from the 2009 Horn of Plenty show. The film is a brief, haunting, kaleidoscopic reminder of one of fashion's greatest artistic geniuses. Make sure to check out eleven of the most chillingly gorgeous images from the video below, although I strongly recommend watching the entire film.

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes

2. Who Said Being Horse-y Was A Bad Thing?

3. 2001: A Skirt Odyssey

4. Oysters Have Never Looked So Glam

5. Melisandre Is So Jealous Right Now

6. Like A Holy Goose Feather Revelation

7. This Wedding Dress Is Mine, So Don't Get Any Ideas

8. Avant Garde Butterfly

9. One Trippy Ensemble

10. What Nightmares Are Made Of

11. Garden Goals

Images: YouTube (11)