James Shifts The Power On 'Big Brother 17'

For the past month, the Sixth Sense alliance has ruled the Big Brother 17 house. With Vanessa and Shelli alternating between HoH for the past four weeks, they've gotten four of their biggest targets out of the house with little to no objection from the other houseguests. However, last week Vanessa and Shelli formed, and then turned on, an eight-person alliance by voting out the most charismatic houseguest of BB17, Jason. Vanessa, Shelli, and the rest of the Sixth Sense alliance now have huge targets on their backs for betraying the other half of the house. However, now that Battle of the Block has ended, all the Sixth Sense needs to do is get one of its members to win the HoH, which allows them to stay in power. the only problem is, that's not what happened. Instead, James won HoH this week, totally shifting the power balance.

After voting out one of his closest allies last week, James has no interest in being a pawn for the Sixth Sense and getting one of their targets out. James may finally be the HoH that evens this game out and gives power to the other side of the house for a change.

James' "After Dark Crew" alliance took a big hit this week when Jason was evicted. When he told his plan to his fellow remaining alliance members (Meg and Jackie), James laid out something equally simple and brilliant. "Instead of putting pawns up tomorrow," James told Meg and Jackie, "like all this pawn stuff...I'm just gonna throw up Clay and Shelli up together."

James has no intention of tiptoeing around what happened this past week. His alliance was blindsided, and the only thing to do after a big move has been made is to make a move of equal or greater size. With Battle of the Block no longer being a factor in who is nominated, James has essentially guaranteed that a member of the Sixth Sense alliance is going home this week. Even if Clay or Shelli wins POV, James will likely put up another of their alliance members. This is the Big Brother that fans have been waiting for, and they've been making their opinions heard loud and clear regarding the upcoming nominations.

As eventful and dramatic as BB17 has been so far, this season is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. For more on this exciting season, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast below and find more episodes on our Soundcloud page.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; Giphy