'BB17's Sixth Sense Alliance Should Ditch The Guys

So far, the alliance between Liz, Julia, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, and Austin is the longest standing alliance in the Big Brother 17 house. Also known as The Sixth Sense, this particular alliance has been going strong for a number of weeks now, having survived the emotional storm that was Audrey, evicting Jeff over James, and the huge reveal that one of them is a twin. If they can get past those hurdles, then they might just be able to get through anything, right?

Maybe. But do we really want them to?

With four of the six players of this alliance currently involved in some shaky showmances, one of the six start to show signs of not being trustworthy, and another completely lying about her identity, there are also a number of reasons why this alliance might not be the best choice to make it all the way. But, maybe that’s not such a terrible thing: I mean, six people in one alliance is way too big to begin with. What are they going to do when it gets to the end and it’s the six of them left standing? They’re going to have to start breaking off into smaller alliances — which means it’s the perfect time to start forming those tighter bonds now!

And my vote for who should form this power alliance? The ladies, of course! I’m talking about an even stronger alliance between Shelli, Vanessa, Liz, and Julia — and I’ve got plenty of reasons why this should totally happen:

1. They’re The Strongest Players In The House

I may not have always seen it coming, but these girls have made some of the shrewdest decisions in the game so far. And the fact that they’re keeping their men at a distance in order to not be distracted from the game makes me love them even more.

2. They Could Have An Even Cuter Name

The Sixth Sense isn’t even that clever — I'm sure the girls could come up with something way wittier.

3. Those Guys Are HUGE Liabilities

Austin is totally enamored with Liz, and Clay is clearly a lose cannon — he lost it on Da’Vonne after one disagreement. Not the best players to align yourself with, that’s for sure: they’re way too emotional.

4. It’s Time For The Ladies To Take It

When was the last time a lady won Big Brother? Oh, that’s right. It’s only happened THREE TIMES. Taking these three to the end will ensure that at least one lady wins.

5. They’d Set A Great Example

They’d prove that women can win without the help of men in this game.

6. Imagine The House With Only Women In It

How amazing would that be to have the house be all women in the last few weeks? SLUMBER PARTY!

7. They Could Prove That Women Don’t Have To Tear Each Other Down

With a number of weeks and challenges ahead of them, they can show the world that women are totally capable of supporting each other, not just tearing other women down. And, when it comes to the end and one of them has to win, maybe they could Hunger Games it and refuse to play unless they all can split the winnings, or something!

No matter the reason, these women have to form a power alliance now in order to secure their spot in the final four. Come on, ladies! Don’t disappoint me now!

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Image: CBS (7)